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The best defensive plays for the week ending July 22nd

Short week? That’s OK. There was still plenty of great defense to hold us over.

July 19th, Rockies vs Pirates – Jared Hughes’ quick double play.

This line drive off the bat of Charlie Blackmon was just mere inches away from tying the game. Instead, Jared Hughes snared the liner and fired it over to third to finish the inning ending double play. Talk about bad luck for the Rockies.

July 20th, Cubs vs Diamondbacks – Anthony Rizzo’s somersault.

Anthony Rizzo somersaulted over the rail into the Cubs dugout to catch this foul pop-up by Aaron Hill, but I think the most impressive part came afterwards. Following the catch, Rizzo threw the ball back into the infield while still sitting in the dugout. There’s not gonna be a tag-up situation here, folks.

July 21, Red Sox vs Blue Jays – BROCKHOLT.

The Brock Holt train just keeps going, and going, and going…what can’t this guy do anymore?

July 21st, Marlins vs Braves – Andrelton the contortionist.

This play normally wouldn’t be worth batting much of an eye at…until you realize that Andrelton Simmons was already moving towards second on the hit and run, and had to change direction in mid-step to grab this grounder, and then flip himself again to tag second base. C’mon now.

July 21st, Mets vs Mariners – Dustin Ackley’s robbery.

At first, I didn’t think this catch by Dustin Ackley was *too* great – he had time to set his jump, and didn’t have to extend all that much. But then I saw the replay and saw how much he had to twist his arm over the wall, and how he barely caught the ball…and yeah, then my mind was made up. This was a damn good catch.

July 22nd, Rangers vs Yankees – Leonys Martin gets juggly.

This catch by Martin was part skill, and part luck – if this ball so much as grazes the wall, it’s a live ball and Brian McCann’s got himself a double. But Martin pulled the ball back and grabbed it before it hit anything else, rendering the catch valid and ending McCann’s at bat.

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