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The best defensive plays for the week ending July 29th

We’re seemingly seeing different players pop up on this list every week, and I think that’s a testament to just how good the players in this league are getting at fielding their positions. No longer do we have just one or two great defensive players per position – there are quite a few. Also, the increased amount of defensive shifts are almost killing the idea of the web gem – plays that would once seem extraordinary have become ordinary. It’s a sad turn of events for those of us that love highlights and shiny things, but at least teams are showing an increased commitment to defense.

July 24th, Tigers vs Angels – Kole Calhoun lays out.

Mike Trout, eat your heart out.

July 27th, Red Sox vs Rays – Jackie Bradley Jr. gets his stretch goin’.

Jackie Bradley Jr. is struggling with the stick this year, but his glovework is at the top of the food chain for American League center fielders.

July 27th, Pirates vs Rockies – Carlos Gonzalez saves extra bases.

Carlos Gonzalez is normally known for his bat, but he showed that he can prevent extra bases every so often too.

July 28th, Padres vs Braves – Andrelton doin’ his thing.

Braves shortstop Andrelton Simmons makes even the most absurd plays look old hat. I have nothing else to say – the man is in a class of his own.

July 28th, Pirates vs Giants – an athletic double play.

Every part of this double play is sublime, from Jordy Mercer’s great stop and flip, to Neil Walker’s awesome catch and better throw.

July 29th, Rockies vs Cubs – Charlie Blackmon prolongs the misery.

If Charlie Blackmon doesn’t make this catch, this game ends in the tenth inning. But Blackmon did corral the ball hit off the bat of Wellington Castillo, and this miserable game continued on until the 16th inning.

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