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The best defensive plays for the week ending July 8th

We’ve got some real winners on defense this week. Let’s kick this off right, shall we?

July 2nd, Rockies vs Nationals – a picture perfect double play.

What a gorgeous double play, and I’m actually not sure what the best part is – D.J. LeMahieu’s flip, or Troy Tulowitzki’s catch and throw. Call it a draw.

July 2nd, Rangers vs Orioles – the most casual robbery ever.

Check out Leonys Martin here – he didn’t care at all about the difficulty level on this home run robbery of Nelson Cruz. That takes some skill.

July 3rd, Astros vs Angels – must-watch, all the time.

George Springer isn’t just a marvel with the bat in his hands – he can make his share of awesome defensive plays too.

July 4th, Blue Jays vs Athletics – does he get an extra assist here?

Josh Donaldson started this double play from his butt. I couldn’t even begin to fathom how much arm strength it takes to wing a ball from third base to second base while sitting down.

July 5th, Marlins vs Cardinals – Shelby lays out.

This was one hell of an athletic play by Shelby Miller. If he hesitates for even a second, that run scores.

Jujly 5th, Mariners vs White Sox – Adam Eaton goes all out.

Adam Eaton took one hell of a route to this ball, but the most important thing is that he got the out. I’d love to see the FieldF/X numbers on this one…

July 5th, Dodgers vs Rockies – Puig gonna Puig.

Yasiel Puig continues to amaze the world. A diving catch at the warning track, *and* the assist to nail the runner going to third base? Just stop it.

July 6th, Astros vs Angels – Mike Morin’s concentration.

Mike Morin did was he was supposed to do here. If you’re the pitcher, you don’t want to get involved in a pop-up on the infield – let your fielders take care of that. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you *won’t* be involved….

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