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The best defensive plays for the week ending June 11th

Looking for great defense? We’ve got you covered. This week, most of the focus will be on catches, but you know there are some other excellent plays featured as well.

June 6th, Athletics vs Orioles – starting with a bang.

Craig Gentry didn’t have any time to get his feet wet in center field during this Friday night game. Nick Markakis led off in the bottom of the first for the Orioles with this sinking liner into left center that Gentry somehow grabbed. If he wasn’t shaded towards left, we might be looking at a triple for Markakis here.

June 6th, Cardinals vs Blue Jays – triple your pleasure.

You know we’re always going to feature triple plays in this feature. And quite frankly, this 4-6-3 triple play turned by the Cardinals on Friday is a thing of beauty, even if the team ended up losing.

June 6th, Indians vs Rangers – interference? What interference?

I love this. Carlos Santana pretty blatantly interfered with Elvis Andrus on his attempt at turning the double play, but it didn’t matter – he still threw out Yan Gomes. Sure, Gomes would have probably been called out anyway, but Andrus made all of that moot.

June 6th, Astros vs Twins – Dexter Fowler covers it all.

This is absurd. Look how far Fowler ran to make this catch! He covered so much damn ground and laid out to steal extra bases from Trevor Plouffe.

June 8th, Athletics vs Orioles – Josh Donaldson lays out.

This is gross, Josh Donaldson. I think my favorite part is that he managed to jump to his feet and throw Nick Hundley out instead of trying to force a throw from the ground.

June 10th, Athletics vs Angels – Yoenis has a gun.

Yoenis Cespedes…good god, are you for real?

June 11th, Cardinals vs Rays – Kevin Kiermaier goes diagonal.

Bases loaded, Rays clinging to a one-run lead…if this ball hit by Peter Bourjos falls in, the Cardinals take the lead. Instead, Kevin Kiermaier killed their hopes and dreams with this incredible grab. The Cardinals never got a better chance to score over the rest of the game.

June 11th, Athletics vs Angels – Cespedes again.

I’m beginning to wonder if Yoenis Cespedes is just trying to bait players into running on him. Albert Pujols was dead to rights at third here.

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