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The best defensive plays for the week ending May 14th

This week was a little light on sterling defense, but here’s what we were able to come up with. There are a couple really great throws featured, which is something you know we love here at TOC.

May 9th, Cardinals vs Pirates – Bourjos being Bourjos.

Peter Bourjos lost this ball in the lights before recovering, tracking it, leaping, and hitting the wall to rob the speedy Starling Marte of extra bases. Well, the Cardinals did get him for his glove…

May 10th, Twins vs Tigers – Don Kelly robs one.

This ball probably wasn’t going over the left field fence, but still – it was going to be extra bases for Kurt Suzuki. Don Kelly did his best to make sure that didn’t happen with this catch, leaping and crashing into the wall to rob Suzuki.

May 10th, Cardinals vs Pirates – with no regard for human life.

Peter Bourjos tracked this fly ball off the bat of Jordy Mercer and smashed into the wall making the grab, his own body be damned. It almost reminded me of some of the stuff that Jim Edmonds will pull off in his day.

May 10th, Cardinals vs Pirates – a different kind of fall into the seats.

When a player falls over the railing into the crowd, you typical know what you’re getting – he sticks his glove into his seats and loses his balance. Jordy Mercer didn’t follow that line of thinking, instead making this basket catch in the field of play and having his momentum take him over the railing. He held on to the ball, too.

May 13th, Red Sox vs Twins – an easy transition.

This is Joe Mauer’s first season at first base, but you wouldn’t know it after this play. It took some quick reflexes and sharp focus to make this grab, and Mauer made it look easy.

May 13th, Padres vs Reds – wait, you threw out Billy Hamilton?!

This play by Everth Cabrera doesn’t immediately look too outstanding…until you realize that Billy Hamilton was the player running to first. Holy crap.

May 13th, Indians vs Blue Jays – the Melkman delivers.

Yes, Carlos Santana can’t run very fast. But this throw from Melky Cabrera to preserve the 5-4 Blue Jays lead was awesome – a one hop laser that Cabrera barely hesitated getting off. I’ll give Josh Thole some props for the tag too – he swiped Santana from the right-handed batters box!

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