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The best defensive plays for the week ending May 28th

Another week of great defense is in the books, and this time around, home runs are just a little difficult to come by.

May 22nd, Indians vs Orioles – David Lough’s robbery.

Tie game, seventh inning…and David Lough took three runs away from the Indians with this slick grab. It’s not the sexiest play ever, but it helped keep the Orioles in this one.

May 22nd, Nationals vs Pirates – the other J-Hey.

Jason Heyward is one hell of a defender. But so is Josh Harrison, and he laid out to commit grand larceny at PNC Park on this play.

May 22nd, Dodgers vs Mets – Puig gonna Puig.

What can we even say about Yasiel Puig anymore? The dude is ridiculous.

May 23rd, Rockies vs Braves – Pena with the assist.

It’s not too often you see a three stage putout in MLB. How in the hell did Andrelton Simmons manage to make this play look so seamless? Wait, don’t answer that – it’s Andrelton Simmons.

May 23rd, Royals vs Angels – Lorenzo Cain goes all-out.

This catch by Lorenzo Cain vaguely resembled the fantastic catch by Mike Trout at Camden Yards two years ago. Sure, it wasn’t as impressive, but look at his arm torque over the wall. That’s wild.

May 27th, Indians vs White Sox – Michael Bourn makes Hawk sad.

Michael Bourn is a really good defender in center, but he’s more of a “quiet” defender – just making all the plays and not adding much flash. This catch had plenty of that flash, robbing Paul Konerko of a homer.

May 27th, Rangers vs Twins – Aaron Hicks has hops.

By god, look at how high Hicks jumps on this catch. It’s almost like he has a rocket strapped to his back or something.

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