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The best defensive plays for the week ending May 7th

This week’s crop of best defensive plays feature a lot of…well, a lot of oddities. We have players throwing gloves, fielders sliding into bases, cut off throws from the outfield…it’s really a cornucopia of excellent defense.

May 1st, Rays vs Red Sox – Cesar Ramos goes behind the back.

This is a slick play from Ramos – his glove was just in the right place at the right time. Sometimes, it’s better to be lucky than good.

May 1st, Brewers vs Reds – GoGo robs Votto *again*.

For the second straight year, Carlos Gomez has robbed Joey Votto of a homer. I think we’re almost getting jaded with Gomez, because this robbery wasn’t nearly as spectacular as some of his prior ones.

May 2nd, Orioles vs Twins – Super Sam strikes again!

Sam Fuld isn’t really known for his bat, but his glove is pretty solid. He showed off the leather on Friday night at Target Field, covering a lot of ground and slamming into the wall to make this catch.

May 2nd, Mets vs Rockies – Nolan Arenado can field, too.

Nolan Arenado’s hitting streak is getting a lot of attention lately, but remember, his glove is what got most of the accolades in his young career. He showed off that glove with this play on Friday, and while it wasn’t as great at Manny Machado’s iconic glove and throw from last year, this is a pretty great play on its own.

May 3rd, White Sox vs Indians – Jose Abreu is a quick thinker.

The ball is stuck in your glove? No problem, just do what Jose Abreu did here – throw the whole glove to first for the out.

May 4th, Mets vs Rockies – quick thinking.

Nolan Arenado care not for your throws to home plate, Carlos Gonzalez. Arenado cut this throw from Gonzalez off, and fired it to third WHILE FALLING OVER to double up the runner. That…is skill.

May 5th, Twins vs Indians – making the best of a bad situation.

Brian Dozier made a great sliding stop on this grounder, and Twins first baseman Chris Colabello was in no position to receive his throw. Luckily, pitcher Kyle Gibson was there to snag the ball and slide feet first into first base for the out. You don’t see that every day.

May 6th, Mariners vs Athletics – Jesse Chavez nearly dies.

Maybe “dies” is a little dramatic, but this liner was heading right for Chavez’s head. Only some quick reflexes prevented him from becoming the next pitcher in a startlingly long line to get hit in the line with a live drive.

May 7th, Mets vs Marlins – some love for the ballboy.

We generally just like to keep the love in this feature to players, but this Marlins ballboy deserves some live. Diving over a wall, just to protect a fan from getting hit? That’s commendable.

May 7th, Twins vs Indians – Nyjer Morgan goes beast mode.

Remember when Nyjer Morgan was a thing? I think this catch illustrates part of the reason he was so popular in Milwaukee – dude went all out, full extension, and smashed into the wall to make this sterling catch.

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