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The longest homers for the week ending April 10th

We kicked off this whole “longest homers of the week” thing last week, and it got pretty good reviews. This week, the cycle continues on. Here are the longest homers for the week from April 4th to April 10th.

1. Giancarlo Stanton vs Eric Stults, 484 feet (April 4th).

People said a lot of mean things about me when they saw last week’s post over the weekend, and Stanton’s moon shot from last Friday night wasn’t included. Wait no longer – this is the first of (hopefully) many Stanton appearances on the list this season.

2. Justin Upton vs Jenrry Mejia, 477 feet (April 10th).

Justin Upton shoots into second place on the list with his second of two homers against Mets starter Jenrry Mejia on Thursday night. This thing came off his bat like a missile, and gave the Braves a lead they would eventually relinquish.

3. Junior Lake vs Wandy Rodriguez, 451 feet (April 9th).

I believe this is our first homer onto Waveland Avenue this year. If you would have told me that the first hitter to launch one out of Wrigley this season would be Junior Lake, I would have slapped you across the face and called you a liar.

4. Michael Morse vs Bronson Arroyo, 449 feet (April 9th).

I think this is the culmination of two things that everyone expected in the NL West this season – Michael Morse hitting long home runs, and Bronson Arroyo giving them up. Putting the two together is just a match made in heaven.

5. Pedro Alvarez vs Brian Schlitter, 446 feet (April 10th).

Look at where this homer lands. It nearly clears the batter’s eye in center field at Wrigley and lands in the bleachers. That my friends, is what we call a titanic home run. It also put the Pirates in front of a game they’d eventually win, which gives it some extra special “clutchiness” too.

Five longest homers of the year
1. Stanton vs Stults, 484 feet (April 4th)
2. Upton vs Mejia, 477 feet (April 10th)
3. Buster Posey vs Addison Reed, 453 feet (March 31st)
4. Lake vs Rodriguez, 451 feet (April 9th)
5. Morse vs Arroyo, 449 feet (April 9th)

List appearances
Pedro Alvarez, 1
Jose Bautista, 1
Todd Frazier, 1
Carlos Gonzalez, 1
Junior Lake, 1
Michael Morse, 1
Buster Posey, 1
Giancarlo Stanton
Justin Upton, 1
Mark Trumbo, 1

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