Buster Posey, National League MVP candidate

The longest homers for the week ending April 3rd

Everyone loves long, monstrous home runs. So here at TOC, we decided that every Friday, we’re going to highlight the five longest homers from the week that was. Given that the season is only a few days old, the list of bombs this week is going to be a little lacking. But trust us – in future weeks, there will likely end up being some shots on here.

1. Buster Posey vs. Addison Reed, 453 feet (March 31st)

Posey’s monster shot was the longest of the first week of play this season, and it came with an added “clutch” element – it was a two-run shot in the ninth inning of a tie game. Well played, Buster.

2. Todd Frazier vs. Lance Lynn, 446 feet (April 3rd)

As Reds broadcaster Thom Brennaman said on his call of this homer: “upper, upper deck”. The Hit Tracker path chart of this homer is pretty great too – it almost lands off the chart!

3. Jose Bautista vs. Matt Moore, 438 feet (April 2nd)

As a bonus, this video includes Bautista’s second homer of the game too, which went 428 feet and had an apex (highest point) of 147 feet, the second-highest mark of any home run hit this year.

4. Carlos Gonzalez vs. Jose Fernandez, 438 feet (March 31st)

This homer by CarGo was the one blemish on Jose Fernandez’s Opening Day start for the Marlins. You know you got a hold of a ball when you hit it into the seats in right center at Marlins Park.

5. Mark Trumbo vs. Tim Lincecum, 435 feet (April 3rd)

Trumbo destroyed this pitch from Lincecum. It takes effort to smash a ball over the yellow line in center field at Chase, and that’s exactly what Trumbo did.

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