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The most exciting walk offs for the week ending August 17th

Two walk offs this week for each of the Nationals, Indians, and Rangers. Hey, when it rains, it pours, I guess.

August 12th, Rays vs Rangers

Walk off walk to score a pitcher. That’s gotta suck.

August 13th, Diamondbacks vs Indians

So…Asdrubal who? Zach Walters is already endearing himself to Indains fans.

August 14th, Diamondbacks vs Marlins

Yeah, I’m going with the Spanish call here. The placement by Ozuna on this walk off was perfect – Garrett Jones didn’t even need to hustle to score!

August 15th, Orioles vs Indians

Mike Aviles has had a rough year for the Tribe, so I bet this walk off bomb against Brian Matusz felt really damn good.

August 16th, Pirates vs Nationals

Gregory Polanco was just feet away from making an extraordinary catch and saving the Pirates for at least one more hitter, but he failed. How often do you see a walk off ground rule double, anyway?

August 17th, Angels vs Rangers

Hey, it’s Adam Rosales again! Huston Street had nothing for the Rangers in his fourth straight game on the mound, and it showed on this late Sunday afternoon.

August 17th, Pirates vs Nationals

Now this was a wacky game – multiple rallies, blown saves by both saves, and eventually, a beaten up Pirates team that just couldn’t take anymore.

August 17th, Reds vs Rockies

Fun fact – this homer by Stubbs, completing a five-run ninth for the Rockies, was the lone hit in the inning. OHHHH, those bases on balls…

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