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The most exciting walk offs for the week ending August 24th

This week was absolutely crazy. The Nationals walked off three times. The Cardinals walked off on the Reds twice. There must be a pennant race going on.

August 18th, Diamondbacks vs Nationals (11 innings).

The first of many this week for Washington, and perhaps the most exciting of them all after a Tyler Clippard blown save in the ninth.

August 18th, Reds vs Cardinals (ten innings).

This week was more about the Reds getting kicked while they were down than anything else – the chaos was only beginning on Monday.

August 19th, Rangers vs Marlins (ten innings).

Whenever Giancarlo Stanton does good things for the Marlins, other teams start salivating while simultaneously dreading how much of a package they’ll need to send Miami in return for him.

August 19th, Reds vs Cardinals.

Walk off hit by pitch. You can’t make this stuff up. Poor, pathetic Reds.

August 20th, Braves vs Pirates.

Pittsburgh really needed this victory, and scoring three runs in the final two innings to prevent a sweep by the Braves was a perfect capper to this wild evening.

August 20th, Diamondbacks vs Nationals.

You just can’t make this stuff up sometimes. Tyler Clippard blows another save (this time in the eighth), and his teammate bail him out once again.

August 21st, Diamondbacks vs Nationals.

And now, a walk off error. You can’t make this stuff up.

August 22nd, White Sox vs Yankees.

The day after Brandon McCarthy throws a complete game shutout, Martin Prado notches a walk off hit for the Yankees. Maybe the Diamondbacks were on to something…

August 23rd, Rays vs Blue Jays.

Of course, this walk off could be all for naught if the commissioner’s office upholds Tampa Bay’s protest.

August 23rd, Astros vs Indians.

The Astros put up much more of a fight than I think Cleveland expected in this series, but the dam seemed like it was going to break sooner rather than later in this contest.

August 23rd, Marlins vs Rockies (13 innings).

Corey Dickerson ties it in the ninth, and wins it in the 13th. What a day for him.

August 24th, White Sox vs Yankees (ten innings).

Brian McCann’s Yankee career has been slow to get off the ground…well, until now, I guess. Maybe this walk off homer will send him into a hot streak that will carry over to the final four years of his contract in the Bronx.

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