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The most exciting walk offs for the week ending June 22nd

WHOA. WHAT. Why are the most exciting walk offs of the week being featured TODAY? Well, we’re shuffling things up a little bit at TOC – the most exciting walk offs are moving to Mondays, and the best defensive plays of the week are moving to Wednesdays. Don’t worry – you’ll still have your fix of long homers every Friday.

Anyway, this past week featured some pretty wild walk offs, even if our sample was slightly abbreviated. Homers, sac flies, singles – whatever you want, we’ve got it.

June 18th, Twins vs Red Sox

This has to suck for the Twins. They controlled Boston’s offense for nine innings, and finally got on the board in the tenth. Then, disaster – a 340 foot Fenway Park special by David Ortiz ties the game, and Mike Napoli puts one into orbit to end it. Rough.

June 18th, Brewers vs Diamondbacks

Hey, it’s alright, Diamondbacks – even though you made fools of yourselves on Tuesday, but at least you got a win on Wednesday thanks to a Tony Campana slow roller!

June 19th, Angels vs Indians

Walk off grand slam? Hell yeah. Walk off grand slam by a player who has been terrible all day? Oh my damn.

June 19th, Reds vs Pirates

FREE SHRIMP IN PITTSBURGH! This one shouldn’t have happened, though – there’s no way Jason Grilli should have been pitching to Devin Mesoraco in the ninth inning. Mesoraco homered to tie the game and send this one into extras.

June 20th, Orioles vs Yankees

This has to suck for the Orioles. Ubaldo Jimenez was playing with fire all game, and somehow never got burned. But Zach Britton? Yeah, he got roasted.

June 20th, White Sox vs Twins

How do you ruin a potential walk off win? Challenge the play at the plate while the winning team is already celebrating. Imagine if Robin Ventura won this challenge – the Twins would have been crushed.

June 20th, Dodgers vs Padres

Who would have ever guessed that THE PADRES would have so thoroughly smashed Kenley Jansen and the Dodgers? And it’s not as if Jansen walked the bases loaded – the Padres did this with their bats.

June 21st, Red Sox vs Athletics

The A’s and walk offs, man…thankfully, they won to dispel some of the controversy that took place earlier in the game with a caught foul tip that eventually resulted in a run for Boston.

June 21st, Rangers vs Angels

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before – the Angels bullpen blew a game and their offense had to save the team from yet another disappointing loss.

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