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The most exciting walk offs for the week ending September 1st

The Padres did a great job cramping the style of various contenders this week – they could continue to play spoiler down the stretch for some of these clubs looking to play baseball in October.

August 26th, Twins vs Royals

Alex Gordon is having himself one hell of a year, and if the Royals end up making the playoffs, he’s going to be a big reason why. This walk off homer against the Twins is just an example of how good he’s been all year.

August 27th, Brewers vs Padres

Rene Rivera ties it in the ninth, and wins it in the tenth. A loss like this one could really hurt for the Brewers if they fall out of the playoff race over the season’s final four weeks.

August 27th, Rockies vs Giants

Buster Posey is having a bit of a down year this season, but a down year for him is still really, really good. Also of note – did this homer actually smash the ambulance parked beyond the fence in left field?

August 28th, Yankees vs Tigers

Alex Avila was just feet away from ending this game with a walk off homer. He’ll have to settle with the incredibly long single off the wall, though.

August 28th, Athletics vs Angels

This could be the win that started the Angels’ march to the AL West crown. A walk off, extra inning win over the A’s in a game embroiled in controversy? Yeah, that’ll do.

August 29th, Dodgers vs Padres

Maybe the Dodgers should have kept the right side wall they used during Seth Smith’s at bat intact for Yasmani Grandal’s at bat, huh? I understand why they didn’t – a fly ball would have ended the inning instead of the game, and having only two outfielders out there would have been a potential disaster in the making.

August 30th, Dodgers vs Padres

Two straight walk off winners for San Diego over the Dodgers….that’s gotta hurt for Los Angeles. You can’t lose games like this down the stretch.

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