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The most exciting walk offs of the week (June 10th edition)

This week was actually pretty light on walk offs. From our usual starting point of Tuesday heading into the weekend, we only had three. Then the weekend came, and everything got thrown all out of whack.

June 3rd, Mets vs Cubs

0-2, two outs? That’s clutch, Nate Schierholtz.

June 4th, Red Sox vs Indians

Well, this game as over as soon as the ball hit the bat of Asdrubal Cabrera – the only question was whether or not the finish would be a single, a sac fly, or a homer. It was a homer.

June 6th, Marlins vs Cubs

This bomb by Anthony Rizzo had the height, and it had the distance. But was it straight enough? Yup – but just barely.

June 7th, Dodgers vs Rockies

Ah yes, the elusive walk off triple…you don’t see it very often, but when you do, it’s sure to get your blood pumping. Brandon Barnes delivered in spades on that front on Saturday.

June 7th, Braves vs Diamondbacks

You rarely see one blown save for the Braves, let alone two in one game. Combine that terrible bullpen performance with another reliever allowing the game-winning run, and you had a night to forget for the club.

June 7th, Mets vs Giants

The Mets blow a lead in the ninth inning and lose on a walk off, somehow getting only one out in the inning. Somehow, this doesn’t surprise me in the slightest.

June 7th, Nationals vs Padres

In this game, the Nationals took a 3-2 lead after a home run by Ian Desmond…the Padres tied it at three after a homer by Yonder Alonso…and San Diego got the win after a blooper by Cameron Maybin. All of that strangely seems appropriate.

June 9th, Twins vs Blue Jays

I don’t put too much faith in this team of destiny crap. But there’s something up with this Blue Jays team. They blow a two-run lead with two outs in the ninth inning, and win the game in the bottom of the inning thanks in large part to Erik Kratz and Kevin Pillar, a pair of bench players. The Jays are one of three teams in baseball with a .600 winning percentage, they lead the AL East by 5.5 games over the second place Orioles, and they’re just a half game back of Oakland for the AL’s best record. Maybe, just maybe, this is the year that 2013 was supposed to be – even with Josh Johnson on the DL in San Diego instead of Toronto and Brandon Morrow already taking his usual trip to the DL.

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