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The most exciting walk offs of the week (June 3rd edition)

Were there awesome walk offs this week? Of course there were. Let’s stop screwing around and get right to it.

May 27th, Rangers vs Twins

All Joakim Soria had to do was grab this dribbler and throw it to a base – any base – before the runner got there. He couldn’t even do that. Twins win.

May 27th, Orioles vs Brewers

A walk off double from a pitcher – you don’t see that every day. This hit by Yovani Gallardo was just feet away from being a homer too, which would have been even more awesome.

May 28th, Rays vs Blue Jays

This is Little League crap, Rays. Toronto wants to give you an out, and instead, you simply want to end the game by throwing the ball up the right field line and letting Kevin Pillar score from first.

May 28th, Rockies vs Phillies

Ryan Howard with a walk off homer? Off of a lefty, no less? To the opposite field? Is this 2006 or 2014?

May 28th, Indians vs White Sox

Hawk Harrelson going crazy after a White Sox win will never, ever get old (unless you’re a fan of the team on the receiving end of the loss). Related: this was an impressive piece of hitting by Moises Sierra.

May 28th, Tigers vs Athletics

This was just an ugly loss for the Tigers – Anibal Sanchez dominated the A’s for 8+ innings, and all of that went out the window when Joe Nathan threw this meatball to Josh Donaldson, who sent it deep into the Oakland evening.

May 29th, Braves vs Red Sox

This is one of those situations where doing nothing is better than doing something. All that Chris Johnson had to do after stopping this hard grounder from Xander Bogaerts was throw to first, or eat it, or tag third, or whatever. He threw to second (to keep the double play in order, no doubt), and Tommy La Stella mishandled the throw. Of course Jackie Bradley Jr. is going to score on this one.

May 30th, Mets vs Phillies

When a 14 inning game ends, the main feeling isn’t joy, horror, or anything in between – its relief. Imagine dedicating so much time to a game, and losing. It’s the worst.

May 30th, Rays vs Red Sox

Walk off triple? YES, A WALK OFF TRIPLE! In a game marked with so much personal tension, it’s fitting that it ended in one of the most absurd ways possible.

June 1st, Rockies vs Indians

Michael Bourn walk off homers don’t happen too often. It looked like Bourn’s Indians teammates were even surprised, because only a few of them were waiting for him at home plate as he motored around the bases.

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