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This week in replay reviews (June 11th edition)

I think we’re getting used to replay – but that doesn’t mean controversy is dead and buried. Why would it be?

June 4th, White Sox vs Tigers – rundown chaos.

Rundowns where a team is able to get two outs but can’t are the worst. Adrian Gonzalez was originally ruled safe at third base, but upon review, was shown to have never touched the bag with his foot before getting his hand tagged. Call reversed, White Sox exhale, and end up getting the 2-1 win.

June 4th, White Sox vs Dodgers – umps still can’t count.

Oh for the love of all that is holy…just because Adam Dunn thinks that ball three is ball four, you don’t need to think the same thing, umpiring crew.

June 5th, Athletics vs Yankees – not this again.

Hey Yankees? Your stadium cost a fortune. PUT A DAMN YELLOW LINE ON THE TOP OF THE OUTFIELD WALL.

June 5th, Mets vs Cubs – sliding 101.

This throw home had Luis Valbuena dead to rights. But his slide was perfect, and he somehow avoided the tag of Travis d’Arnaud at the plate. Magnificent.

June 6th, Cardinals vs Blue Jays – fan interference.

Cubs fans are having ugly flashbacks now. This fan pretty clearly interfered with Jose Bautista in right field, and after review, the foul ball was changed to an out.

June 7th, Phillies vs Reds – we still don’t know what the collision rule is.

Yeah, I don’t know what to say anymore. Devin Mesoraco was in front of home plate without the ball…and apparently that’s cool, because the relay throw took him further in front of the plate? I don’t get it anymore. Whatever.

June 7th, Mets vs Giants – the beginning of the end.

Who knows what would have happened in the ninth inning if either A) Anthony Recker blocked strike three better, B) Recker made a better throw to first base, or C) Lucas Duda knew how to play first base competently. It’s a shame, because the strike three pitch from Jenrry Mejia was pretty gross. Two pitches later, Hunter Pence hit a double to left field to score Pagan and tie the game.

June 8th, Athletics vs Orioles – taking a granny off the board.

This hit off the bat off John Jaso was initially ruled a grand slam. Replay showed that the ball pretty clearly hit off the top of the fence before bouncing back onto the field – that’s a double. It didn’t matter – three batters later, Brandon Moss hit a grand slam that didn’t need to be reviewed at all.

June 9th, Red Sox vs Orioles – beating the shift.

This play is going to endear Chris Davis to people who hate the shift. He laid a picture perfect bunt down the third base line, but Jake Peavy threw him out. Well, actually not – umpires reversed the call, and called Davis safe, meaning that he’ll probably have more confidence to keep doing this.

June 9th, Athletics vs Angels – Jeffrey Maier, part deux.

Mike Trout’s homer against the A’s on Monday was reversed when replay revealed that a fan reached over the wall to make a play on the field while it was in the field of play. That’s a no-no, and resulted in Trout simply getting a ground rule double instead of a homer.

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