Your new worst first pitch champ: 50 Cent

Ladies and gentlemen, friends and fellow baseball fans, we have a new champion for worst first pitch of all time. Carly Rae Jepsen and John Wall are among the many errant hurlers who can now relax after what 50 Cent’s performance on the mound before Tuesday’s Pirates-Mets game at Citi Field.

Maybe we should give Mr. Curtis Jackson credit. If you’re going to throw a bad first pitch, throw an absolutely terrible one that’s nowhere near the plate so it will be immortalized in ridicule. Did someone tell him to aim for the cameraman when he threw? It’s possible that 50 Cent just chucked the ball at the first one he saw, right?

Note to the Mets: You can always bring in a dinosaur to throw the ceremonial first pitch.

As could be expected, there was plenty of chatter on Twitter about 50 Cent’s pitch. Here’s a sampling.

MLB Network’s Brian Kenny also had a great line: “Maybe he’s right-handed.”

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