It continues: more of the best (worst?) new ballpark foods for 2015

A few weeks ago, we published an article looking at some of the crazy, amazing new food items that would be popping up at ballparks this season. Little did we know, we acted too soon. Since that time, there have been even move incredible menu choices introduced by teams for this year. And like last time, most of these are going to make you want to hop on a plane.

Here’s (another) look at some of the best new items teams are rolling out this year:

Inside the Park Nachos (Milwaukee Brewers): Good Lord, Brewers. They’ve taken refried beans, a stick of beef, encased it in crushed Doritos, deep fried it, and then topped it with cheese and sour cream. What a tremendous innovation in nacho-related matters. The Doritos are an odd choice – if you’re truly making nachos on a stick, why not use tortilla chips – but I’m willing to let it slide. Now all they have to do is add a side of guacamole for dipping.


Down Wisconsin Avenue Brat (Milwaukee Brewers): How you feel about this one probably depends on how you feel about brats, but even if they’re not your favorite sausage you might still want to give it a try. It’s an 18-brat covered in fries, gravy, cheese curds, cheese sauce, fried sauerkraut, jalapenos, sour cream, and chives. I don’t even know how those flavors go together, but everything on it sounds delicious. And it’s huge, so when you order it make sure to lie to the concession stand worker and say you’re splitting it with someone. Then remember to wipe the gravy off of your chin. (pic via Big League Stew)


Miller Park Bratchos (Milwaukee Brewers): The Brewers may have topped themselves with this one. Four different kinds of sausage – chorizo, Italian, Polish, and brat – cut up and served over kettle chips, with sour cream, jalapenos, and fried sauerkraut. It’s like they decided to massacre the sausage racers and serve them over chips. And kudos to the Brewers for finding two different and glorious ways to serve nachos this year. (pic via Twitter)


Chicken & Waffle Cone (Houston Astros): This one looks amazing. Pieces of fried chicken served on a bed of mashed potatoes, drizzled in honey mustard and enveloped in a waffle cone. I’m not a big chicken n’ waffles fan, but replacing the maple syrup with honey mustard is a genius move. Plus it’s portable, which means you can eat it like an ice cream cone if you so choose. A fork would probably be better, though. (pic via


Tater Tot Bowl (West Michigan Whitecaps): First, anything with tater tots is probably going to be golden. Add in pieces of buffalo chicken, bleu cheese, and you have perfection. This sounds like something you’d make at home if you were starving and decided to throw things together in a bowl. And it’s probably incredibly delicious. (pic via WOODTV)


College Daze Bloody Mary (Minnesota Twins): It’s a Bloody Mary garnished with a slice of cold pepperoni pizza. Listen, your opinion on this is going to boil down to how you feel about Bloody Marys and cold pizza. If you find one of the two disgusting, you’re not going to like it. If both appeal to you, then the Twins are speaking your language. (pic via Twitter)


Cuban Pretzel Dog (Pittsburgh Pirates): Cuban sandwiches are amazing. Hot dogs are amazing. So why not combine the two? That’s exactly what the Pirates did, topping a hot dog with ham, pork, swiss, pickles, and dijon mustard. The topper is the pretzel bun, which should hold up nicely under all of that meat. Excuse me while I check on airfare prices to Pennsylvania. (pic via Twitter)


Chicken and Waffle Sliders (New York Yankees): Yeah, they’re boring compared to everything else on this list, but you’re not going to get anything *truly* out there from the Yankees. Plus, they still look delicious. (pic via Twitter)

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