10 longest home runs of the first half

Each week, we count down the five longest home runs from the week that was. With only a three game sample size to work with (and the Home Run Derby, which we’re totally not breaking down), this week’s feature will be kicked back to next week.

Thusly, we decided to instead recap the ten (well, 11 because there’s a tie) longest home runs of the first half of the year…and yes, there is a whooooole lot of Giancarlo Stanton featured.

(NB: I’m using ESPN’s Hit Tracker, as usual. I like Statcast, but can’t trust it when it says this is a 483 foot homer)

1t. Giancarlo Stanton vs Eddie Butler, 483 feet (June 5th)

1t. Giancarlo Stanton vs Carlos Martinez, 483 feet (June 23rd)

3. Joc Pederson vs David Hale, 480 feet (June 2nd)

4. Alex Rodriguez vs Nathan Karns, 477 feet (April 17th)

5. Giancarlo Stanton vs Alex Wood, 475 feet (May 16th)

6. Giancarlo Stanton vs Cody Martin, 474 feet (May 15th)

7t. Joey Gallo vs JR Graham, 471 feet (June 13th)

7t. Mike Trout vs Chris Rusin, 471 feet (July 8th)

9. Josh Donaldson vs Chris Tillman, 469 feet (April 23rd)

10t. Giancarlo Stanton vs Mike Bolsinger, 467 feet (May 12th)

10t. Joc Pederson vs Jorge de la Rosa, 467 feet (June 2nd)

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