Kershaw: Hendricks is like the Greg Maddux of this generation

Clayton Kershaw offered high praise when asked about Cubs starter and NLCS Game 6 opponent Kyle Hendricks. Speaking with media, the Los Angeles Dodgers ace compared the 26-year-old soft-thrower to Atlanta Braves legend, Greg Maddux, praising his ability at changing speeds and throwing pitches in the right place.

“Well, he obviously had an amazing year,” Kershaw admitted in a press conference. “What he’s been able to accomplish this year. He’s kind of like the Greg Maddux of this generation, with his ability to sink the ball, cut the ball, and put him in spots where hitters are enticed to swing at it, but you can’t put the barrel on it. He’s really good at mixing speeds, changing it up. He’s a tough guy to go against, for sure.”

The Maddux comparison might seem daunting, but it’s appropriate. Like the former Chicago Cubs right-hander, Hendricks ability to throw strikes and locate his pitches is among the league’s best. Hendricks 2.1 BB/9 rate in 2016 was comparable to Maddux’s 1.8 career BB/9. The Cubs Game 6 starter will rarely throw much harder than the low 90’s, but his pinpoint accuracy separates him from most other pitchers.

Kershaw and Hendricks are two different beasts, nastiness verse precision. Watching them use their individual strengths against one another is going to be fun. Hendricks isn’t Maddux yet, but the comparison fits. Kershaw knows his adversary is one heck of a pitcher.

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