Cubs fan ejected for pantomiming fellatio behind the plate

Ah the folly of youth. To some guys, there's simply nothing more amusing than a pantomimed blowjob. I'm guessing that's because most guys who find that particular activity enjoyable have never been on the receiving end of an actual blowjob. 99.9% of the time, guys who enjoy showing off their air blowjob skills usually have […]

Indians closer Chris Perez rips Indians ownership and management

If any one of us in the real world were to publicly go off on our bosses, we'd be fired that very day with no questions asked and likely blackballed from the industry in which we worked. After all, nobody wants to hire someone with a reputation for undermining the very people who sign the […]

Inside the Youkilis Trade to the White Sox

There may well be no stranger feeling than when you're with a group of people who are quite experienced at their craft in a place where something very important is allegedly happening and the rest of the world seems to know more about said happening than everyone in that room combined. That was the case […]

The Mets Still Have Yet to Throw a No-Hitter

It's hard to fathom a sporting event that's taken place in the past century that's been more mythologized than last night's Mets-Cardinals regular season game at Citi Field. Reading the media accounts of the game, you'd think Christ himself had made an appearance on the field, converted the heathens and hit a walkoff grand slam […]

The Oscars for the 2012 baseball season

Right now, the Oscars are taking over the national pop culture conversation. For the next two days, social media and the water cooler will be abuzz about who wore what, who got robbed and who stands to capitalize most on their big win. But why should the Oscars fun be limited to the Academy of […]

Where I’ve Been: Community Field in Burlington, Iowa

If simplicity is in fact beautiful, Burlington’s Community Field is a masterpiece on par with anythine ever created by the likes of Picasso or Rembrandt. It is a heaping slice of Americana served on a paper plate with a tall glass of lemonade on a warm summer’s day, a throwback to a time before our […]

The Nationals need Ryan Zimmerman more than he needs them

Every so often, a club will have a contest with its star player to see who has the bigger…manhood, shall we say. Right now, the Washington Nationals are staging this particular contest with their young star third baseman Ryan Zimmerman. Zimmerman wants a new contract. The Nationals don’t want to necessarily give him a new […]

Where I’ve Been: Kauffman Stadium, Kansas City, MO

Why is it that the worst teams (Cubs, Dodgers, Orioles and Pirates) seem to play in the best ballparks? The product on the field is never reason enough to visit those stadiums. Rather, you’re going for the structural aesthetic wonderland that plays out before you as you first enter the park then take your seat […]

Sixteen-year-old blogger scoops everyone on the Ryan Braun PED story

You may not know the 16-year-old kid in the picture to the right, but he just broke the biggest and most controversial story of baseball’s offseason. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Curt Hogg. He’s a high school student who runs the Plushdamentals blog on the network. He also, improbably, had the story about Ryan Braun’s […]

Where I’ve Been: The mile high seats at Coors Field in Denver

There are very few seats in professional sports that come complete with a mountain view. Venture out to Denver’s Coors Field for a Rockies game this year though and you can enjoy this very view at a relatively reasonable price. Coors Field may be one of the few ballparks where it’s preferable to sit in […]

Where I’ve Been: Ashford University Field in Clinton, Iowa

Clinton, Iowa’s Ashford University Field may not have anything in common with a DeLorean on the surface beyond the simple fact that they’re places where people can sit. But looking a bit deeper, if you put yourself in either, you’ll find yourself going back to the future before long. The low-A Midwest League is littered […]

Where I’ve Been: Wrigley Field

At the corner of Clark and Addison in the heart of Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood stands the greatest monument ever erected to futility. Beckoning you with it’s cherry red marquee advertising it as the Home of the Chicago Cubs, Wrigley Field kicks off our Where I’ve Been series becuase it is the quintessential summer destination in […]

Montreal Canadiens pay tribute to Gary Carter

The late Gary Carter meant a lot to the city of Montreal. The legendary catcher spent 12 of his 19 seasons there with the Expos, establishing himself as a fan favorite with his unparalleled work ethic and his desire to connect with the French-speaking fanbase, despite the fact that he didn’t know a lick of […]

Lake County Fielders employees may or may not have received their W-2s

The Lake County Fielders may still owe rent on their office and money to their vendors, but at least they’re trying to do right by their employees. The team updated their website for the first time since roughly September with a simple message to employees: “W-2’s were mailed on January 31st. If you have not […]

Tim Wakefield calling it a career

One of the unlikeliest success stories in Major League Baseball history is reportedly set to call it a career. According to the Red Sox’ official Twitter