The dark horse Mets

Dark horse World Series contenders in 2015

Everyone thinks they know who the favorites for the World Series are this year. But as we saw with the Royals last year, sometimes teams come out of nowhere to make an unlikely postseason run. We’re not talking about trendy sleeper picks like the Mariners, Indians and both Chicago teams. We’re talking about real dark horse […]

Orioles offense

2015 season preview: Baltimore Orioles

Nobody takes the Baltimore Orioles too seriously entering the season. The Baltimore Orioles surprise everyone and make the playoffs. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. After a relatively inactive offseason in which they saw several major free agents walk away, the Orioles was again are positioned to sneak up on the rest of the league, but do they really have another […]

Free agent Max Scherzer

Won’t somebody please sign Max Scherzer?

What’s wrong with all of you? There’s a perfectly good Max Scherzer just sitting there on the free agent market and nobody has bothered to pick him up yet. Fine, not every team has an extra $200 million lying around, but there has got to be someone out there who wants to sign a 30-year […]

Five MLB teams that need a uniform makeover

Earlier this week, an endeavoring Padres fan finally decided that he had enough of his team and their lame, boring uniforms and took it upon himself to mock up some new ones. The result was… magnificent: Sold! Let’s make the change right now. Someone call up the factory and start production immediately. In fact, this has […]

Reds battery Johnny Cueto and Devin Mesoraco

Cincinnati Reds are going nowhere fast

What’s going nowhere fast and red all over? The Cincinnati Reds, of course! After a 76-win season, the Reds have seemingly adopted the bold strategy of maintaining the status quo. Their offseason thus far has consisted of just three moves of any note: trading away Mat Latos, trading away Aldredo Simon and trading for Marlon Byrd. […]

Marlon Byrd

Reds acquire Marlon Byrd, for some reason

Fresh off of selling off two-fifths of their rotation and making no other offseason moves of note, the Cincinnati Reds have chosen to trade for outfielder Marlon Byrd from the Phillies. Why did the Reds, fresh off of a 76-win season in which they finished fourth in the NL Central? That’s not entirely clear. Sure, […]

Ben Zobrist

A Ben Zobrist trade now appears inevitable

A Ben Zobrist trade has always been likely at some point this season, but it was always a question of when it would happen. Well, that’s not a question anymore with the news that Tampa Bay has signed infielder Asdrubal Cabrera. That’s too many starting caliber middle infielders for the Rays now, so one of them […]

Free agent Max Scherzer

The best of the remaining MLB free agents

The 2014 calendar year is almost over, but the Hot Stove League is still going. It may not exactly be piping hot anymore, but there still plenty of heat left to at least keep things warm. Most of the premier free agents are gone, but there are still a few top targets left, plus a few more […]

Hiroki Kuroda

Hiroki Kuroda returns to Japan, ditches Yankees

The annual dance that has been Hiroki Kuroda picking between the Yankees and Japan has ended its latest installment, but this time with an unexpected result: Hiroki Kuroda is returning to Japan. Sorry, Yankees. Kuroda, who will soon turn 40, was always likely to head back to play in Japan one more time, but nobody quite knew […]

Sad Royals

The Royals are failing to capitalize on their World Series run

The Kansas City Royals are still basking in the afterglow of their magical run to the World Series and enjoying all the benefits that come with it. The extra prestige of proving themselves as a contender, the buy-in from ownership that the team is heading in the right direction and, of course, that big influx […]

Melky Cabrera

Melky Cabrera is the latest Chicago White Sox acquistion

The Chicago White Sox just can’t stop spending, can they? In what has already been a huge offseason for them, they’ve now gone and made Melky Cabrera their latest in a long line of notable acquisitions. The deal is expected to be for $45 million or more. Even with the earlier additions of Adam LaRoche, Zach […]

Dodgers outfield

Be very afraid of the revamped Los Angeles Dodgers

Just when we had gotten use to the new Los Angeles Dodgers and their bottomless, oft-used wallet, they’ve gone and changed it up once again. There was once a time where the Dodgers couldn’t say no to an expensive veteran and could give a contract extension to just about anyone on the roster. They were […]

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Dodgers close to signing Brandon McCarthy to four-year deal

Somebody needs to tell Andrew Friedman to switch to decaf. The hyperactive day of Dodger transactions continues with Los Angeles reportedly now on the verge of signing starting pitcher Brandon McCarthy. After their still not yet complete trades with the Phillies and Marlins earlier in the day, speculation was that the Dodgers were either clearing payroll […]

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

White Sox acquire Jeff Samardzija

It has been a busy night for the Chicago White Sox (and fake reporters). Before people could even finish wagging their fingers at GM Rick Hahn for giving a massive four-year deal to closer David Robertson, Hahn completed a much rumored deal for the White Sox to acquire Jeff Samardzija from the Oakland Athletics for IF […]

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

White Sox sign David Robertson to four-year deal

On a late night where everyone has been gathered around the Winter Meetings campfire waiting for the White Sox to complete a rumored deal for Jeff Samardzija, the Pale Hose went and pulled a fast one. Bob Nightengale is reporting that the Chicago White Sox will sign David Robertson to a four-year deal. For all […]