Not being the best makes Mike Trout the best

There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that Mike Trout is the best player in baseball. You could be the biggest Detroit Tigers homer fan and Miguel Cabrera’s biggest supporter, and it’d still be simple to admit Mike Trout is the most complete, best player in Major League Baseball. That’s not remotely interesting news at all. […]

Some early season observations that could last all year

Just about every article on every site you’ll read will regurgitate the title of this article in one way or another. If you get sick of it, worry not, for its expiration date will be coming up here in less than a month. But at any rate, I want to take a look at some […]

Home runs ruined our ability to appreciate production

We’re in a drought. No, not the literal kind (unless you live in California), I’m talking about the offensive kind. Still a little murky? Fine, we’re in a pitching heavy era of baseball. Does that clear it up? See, the steroid era that lasted for more than 20 years allowed us as fans to become […]

We don’t know the whole Josh Hamilton story

The “Hamilton situation” was bound to be a hot topic, and it looks as if the commissioner’s office and MLB have released the verdict the Friday before Opening Day, hoping that will overshadow everything going on with Hamilton and make it a non-issue. Smart of them really. But the reactions, that’s what I’ve been studying […]

Rule 5 pick Mark Canha

Rule 5 prospects hoping to make a splash in 2015

The Rule 5 Draft was originally designed to help prevent teams from stockpiling talent without the intention of promoting such players. Teams began using the Rule 5 draft as an opportunity to fill holes on the active roster with low cost players. Since its inception however, it’s morphed into something of a low-cost “try-out” for […]

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The two most dangerous potential playoff teams

According to Billy Beane, the only GM to ever be portrayed by Brad Pitt (because that means something), the playoffs are a crapshoot.  But you know what he thinks, and evidence certainly suggests he might be right.  When you’re playing shorter series such as a one game playoff or a best of five, any team […]

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The strange Wild Card races

I’m not entirely sure if Major League baseball, or more specifically Bud Selig had planned on this occurring when he created the second Wild Card, or even the first for that matter.  Winning the division is key.  It’s never been more important during divisional play than when the second Wild Card was created.  But in […]

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The wild and and crazy AL Central

The AL Central was supposed to be the least interesting division in baseball.  And why shouldn’t it have been?  The Tigers were going to just roll over the entire American League.  They’ve got a big-time payroll, and a lineup that features stars like Victor Martinez, Miguel Cabrera, Ian Kinsler and Torii Hunter.  Their pitching staff […]

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Angels promote Cam Bedrosian

Normally this wouldn’t be news.  Teams promote their prospects all the time and Cam Bedrosian, despite being a former first round pick with great bloodlines, has never once appeared on any Top 100 prospect lists.  In fact, entering this season Bedrosian was ranked only 10th amongst a weak Angels minor league system.  So what’s the […]

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Five teams that should be concerned this April

Every year you’ll hear it, especially if you root for a losing team.  “It’s only April!” echoes through the blogosphere in an effort to reassure fans that a teams fortunes will turn around.  Still, a slow-start in April could cripple a team’s hope for the playoffs, no matter how well they perform in May-September.  These […]

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Down on the farm: Texas League April Edition

The Texas League normally plays neutral to pitcher friendly and in some ways serves as more of prospect showcase league than AAA.  Most of the top prospects in baseball tend to skip AAA on their way to the big leagues, so AA is more prone to seeing the 20 and 21-year-old future superstars. Keep in […]

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Down on the farm: Pacific Coast League April Edition

Early in the season, there’s always an explosion of promotions and roster jockeying among teams, so it’s difficult to generate a list of players who we as a site are excited about following.  The most notable of these promotions was Jon Singleton, who was absolutely murdering baseballs in AAA and thus will not be featured […]

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Albert Pujols joins the 500 home run club. Do we care?

Albert Pujols got a fastball right down Broadway on Tuesday night and did to it what he and most major leaguers do to those, he hit it a long way.  It was his second home run of the game and the 500th of his illustrious career.  Pujols is the 26th player in baseball history to […]

Four players that are talented, but overshadowed on their teams

I don’t like the term “breakout campaign”.  When used in baseball terms it usually refers to a player that was already good and had already seen success at previous levels and now had the numbers to match the skill set.  Most of the time, these breakout players were already somewhat well regarded.  For example, in […]

The AL West limps into 2014

The American League West may be the most wide-open division in baseball this season, partly because of talent, and also partly because of injury.  It’s widely anticipated that at least one, if not both of the wild-cards may come out of the West this season, but each of the expected contenders find themselves beginning the […]