Ryan Freel’s CTE diagnosis is a cautionary tale for MLB

It was surely a coincidence that Ryan Freel's family found out that he suffered from a degenerative brain disease on the same day that MLB announced that home plate collisions were no longer allowed in the game beginning next season. But the timing may have been serendipitous.  There isn't a direct connection between the two, […]

Winter Meetings 2013: Baseball Trade Show Highlights

LAKE BUENA VISTA, FL — Spend a few hours wandering the floor at the annual Baseball Trade Show during the Winter Meetings, and you’ll encounter just about every possible aspect of your baseball experience, broken down into parts. My friend Jeb Lund did a wonderful job exploring this phenomenon in a post at SB Nation […]

Ryan Freel had CTE at time of suicide

A lot of attention has been paid this year to the issue of concussions in football — so much so that it's easy to overlook the impact of brain injuries in other sports. Sunday will mark one year since Ryan Freel committed suicide. The eight-year Major League veteran was known for his all-out style of […]

Five teams whose offseason shopping sprees appear to be done

Spring Training is still two months away. There's still plenty of offseason left. Yet, looking over the moves made by teams, I'm getting the distinct impression that there are some clubs that are already done with their major shopping this winter. If you're a fan of any of these five teams, the rest of your […]

Winter Meetings 2013: MLB managers got jokes!

LAKE BUENA VISTA, FL — Over the course of 72 hours during the annual Winter Meetings, the managers of all 30 MLB teams give press conferences to the media inside the workroom. Each one is approximately half an hour and typically includes mundane stuff about projected lineups for the next season, updates on injured players, […]

Dugout Digest – back to the doldrums

The Winter Meetings have wrapped, and honestly, not a lot happened on the final day of the Meetings yesterday. –Michael Morse joined the Giants. -MLB banned home plate collisions, and while former MLB catchers were thrilled, Pete Rose was not. -The Mariners signed Corey Hart and traded for Logan Morrison. –Russell Wilson was drafted by […]

Pete Rose isn’t happy with collisions being banned

The big news out of the Winter Meetings on Wednesday was the MLB Rules Committee banning home plate collisions. The new decree, which is still being tweaked, received mostly praise. One person that wasn't pleased however, was former MLB player Pete Rose, who was involved in one of the most famous home plate collisions of […]