McCutchen goes off on D-backs after getting drilled

The most predictable thing in baseball on Saturday was Andrew McCutchen getting hit by a pitch in Arizona, one day after Paul Goldschmidt broke a bone in his hand on a HBP.

It took until the 9th inning to happen, though, with the game already a lost cause for the Diamondbacks. And that had McCutchen — one of the calmest, most collected players in the game on the field — visibly ticked off. Told after the game that the Diamondbacks (again) claimed the pitch got away, McCutchen was…well, skeptical.

In the Arizona clubhouse, Diamondbacks catcher Miguel Montero claimed that Randall Delgado “has never had good command.” McCutchen is only the fourth batter Delgado has hit in two seasons as a Diamondback.

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