Cubs grounds crew fail with tarp, chaos ensues

With the Cubs beating the Giants in the bottom of the fifth, it started to rain. Then this happened.

After quite some time and the rain died down and the job was finished.

But the field was quite a mess.

cubs tarp

A huge mess and with the Cubs winning in the fifth, the Giants hoped the field could be tended to so the game could resume rather than be suspended as a Cubs win. And so it started…..


A huge hair dryer. Someone should invent something like that. But instead…..


It didn’t rain long and it didn’t rain again but the field remained a mess. The Giants were none too pleased that a tarp malfunction would likely cost them a chance for a comeback. Also the visitor’s clubhouse and dugout are known as the worst in baseball so that probably sucked as well. Alcohol sales had long been stopped early in the rain delay so fans were shit out of luck as well.

The rain delay lasted nearly five hours before the game was officially called. For awhile it seemed possible that if play would resume and went to extra innings, we might see a night game end after the sun came up but in the end the umps sent everyone home.

A trying night for the Giants and their fans and probably an embarrassing one for the Cubs organization but they’re pretty used to them at this point.