David Ortiz hits game-winning home run, irritates Rays again

David Ortiz has been a thorn in the Tampa Bay Rays’ collective side and his “get off me” bat flip on Sunday won’t help matters. You can watch his ultimately-game-winning home run at MLB.com, but the bat flip is in GIF form below (via Deadspin):

Yeah, I can see why that might piss off some people.

Rays pitcher Chris Archer said after the game, ‘‘I don’t know what makes him think that he can showboat the way he does, and then nobody retaliates. Nobody looks at him in a funny way or pitches him inside. I don’t know why he feels like that, but obviously he feels the way David (Price) said he does — he feels like he’s bigger than the game. He feels like the show is all about him.’’

Ortiz responded simply, ‘‘Maybe they get too sensitive about things, just leave it like that.”

What do you think, readers?

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