Here’s the great Derek Jeter tribute everyone is talking about

Nike’s Jordan brand has released this Derek Jeter tribute video in advance of his final All-Star Game. The only words spoken in the video are Jeter’s introduction announced by late Yankees PA announcer Bob Sheppard, and the crowd chanting Jeter’s name at the end of the video. The theme behind the video is various people paying tribute to Jeter by tipping their caps. Some of the people featured include Spike Lee, Rudy Giuliani, Billy Crystal, and Tiger Woods. There’s also a bit of humor involved, as the San Diego Padres’ mascot attempts to tip his hat (but has no hat to tip), and several Mets players (and Mr. Met) have their faces blurred when tipping their caps to Jeter.

It’s a pretty great, and fitting, tribute put together by Nike, and my hat’s off to them.

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