John Rocker will be on the new season of ‘Survivor’

If you ever hoped John Rocker would be sent to a desert island, CBS is granting your wish. Sort of. The former Braves reliever is part of the new cast for Survivor — or as fully titled, Survivor: San Juan del Sur — Blood vs. Water.

For those not familiar with previous seasons of Survivor the “Blood vs. Water” premise has pairs competing for the $1 million prize instead of individual players. Rocker will be paired with his girlfriend, model and spray-tan business owner Julie McGee.

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In a video interview at, Rocker says that he’ll try to keep his previous career as a major league ballplayer “under the radar,” believing that the other contestants could hold it against him — especially by the point in the game where competing tribes merge. (Rocker also answers “Seriously?” when asked how winning Survivor would compare to his athletic achievements.)

One of the other pairs competing on Survivor is a gay couple, which could make for some potentially interesting interactions with Rocker, considering previous remarks he’s made. No word on whether or not Rocker will have to encounter people who don’t speak English.

Marlins president David Samson competed on the last season of Survivor (“Cagayan”) and was the first player voted off the island.

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