Ahn Sang Soo gets egged

Korean mayor Ahn Sang Soo egged for moving baseball stadium

This is one of the most incredible, bizarre things I’ve ever seen. Ahn Sang Soo, mayor of the Korean city of Changwon, had a pair of eggs thrown at him during an assembly meeting. Furthermore, the egg thrower in question was assemblyman Kim Sung Il.

Now, what got the assemblyman so upset? Well, mayor Ahn wants to move the baseball stadium in Jinhae (represented by Kim) to Masan in order to attract the NC Dinos. The move of the stadium would also apparently eliminate a planned research center in Jinhae that would be built along with the stadium.

Here’s an isolated video of the egging.

Surely this isn’t something you see every day, but it’s still fantastic. My favorite part was Kim casually walking out after throwing the eggs. Or maybe it was some of his fellow assemblymen applauding after the egging. There’s so much awesomeness about this video.

Moral of the story? Don’t screw over the locals.

[All K Pop via My KBO]