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MLB to Dodgers: No bubble machine for you!

With the threat of more players being suspended in the Biogenesis scandal, continuing misinterpretation of the home-plate collision rule, and MVPs being sidelined due to getting hit by pitches, MLB has several pressing issues to deal with currently. So it makes sense that the league office has decided to crack down on the Dodgers’ bubble machine.

What? Yes, that’s correct. According to the Los Angeles Times‘ Bill Shaikin, MLB’s executive VP of baseball operations — and former Dodgers manager — Joe Torre suggested that players no longer use the bubble machine that had been a part of celebrations for home runs and other special moments.

Here are the Dodgers popping off some bubbles after Clayton Kershaw’s no-hitter in June.

When Torre’s office was asked why the bubble machine was being banned, a league spokesperson declined comment. Probably because this is ridiculous.

It’s not like the bubble machine looks like a gun or any sort of weapon. It looks like… a bubble machine. Could it be a safety issue? Players regularly put shaving cream into their teammates’ faces, along with whatever sports drinks fill the dugout coolers. Bubble soap seems comparatively harmless. Oh, by the way, don’t many teams fire off explosives when their players hit home runs?

I thought the NFL was supposed to be the “No Fun League.” Torre apparently wants to take that title.

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