Pablo Sandoval admits to being on Instagram during a game

When things go bad in Boston, they go bad in a weird way. A few years back, the Red Sox had the big “chicken and beer” scandal, now they’ve got a “Panda and Instagram” scandal after a fan appeared to catch Pablo Sandoval liking pictures of women during a Red Sox game.

Surely this was a case of confusion or someone else using Pablo’s account, right? NOPE. Pablo Sandoval declined to claim he got “hacked” like most athletes do whenever they mess up on social media and instead copped to the crime, which got him benched for Thursday’s matinee against the Braves.

On one hand, surfing the interwebs whilst sitting on the toilet is something that just about everyone in the world is guilty of, most of us have the good sense not to do it during work. OK, probably not, but professional athletes are held to a bit of a higher standard when it comes to focusing on their job.

Skipping off to the men’s room during a game to ogle Instagram models doesn’t exactly reek of commitment to the team. Not a great look for a guy who has been dogged by questions about his work ethic his entire career. Or maybe we are all being too hard on Panda because, hey, boobs, amirite?

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