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Pigeons hold up Pirates-Tigers game in first inning

Hey, is it all right with you guys if we just hang out around home plate while you’re playing baseball? Oh, wait — that’s Miguel Cabrera! Let’s just stay here and watch him. We’re not in the way, are we? Cool? Cool. 

We’re not positive these were the exact thoughts of the two pigeons that crashed Wednesday’s game between the Pirates and Tigers in the first inning.  But judging by their actions, that interpretation doesn’t seem far off.

Is it possible that one of the pigeons was attempting to give Pirates pitcher Vance Worley some advice? Try to pitch him low and away, Worley. He’s not getting to that pitch this year. Or maybe the bird was taunting Worley, comfortable that the right-hander couldn’t kill him or his buddy with his sub-90 mph stuff.

The pigeons also seemed fascinated by the dirt path from the pitcher’s mound to home plate, a feature only seen at Comerica Park and Arizona’s Chase Field among current MLB ballparks. That doesn’t seem to be helping these pitchers, judging by park factors. So what if we just stand on the path? What might happen? 

Eventually, umpires restored order and the ballgame resumed.