The proposal to turn the Astrodome into a smaller Astrodome

What should Houston do with the Astrodome? It’s one of the more curious civic dilemmas in the U.S.

Many fans still hold affection for the stadium (now called NRG Astrodome), though no professional sports team has used it since 1999. No concert has played there since 2003. The last event held in the Astrodome was in 2009, when the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo produced its annual Hideout country dance and music show there.


But it’s the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo that’s made the latest proposal for the Astrodome site: Basically, the idea calls for a smaller Astrodome. The outer skeleton of the stadium would be preserved, encircling an open green space that surrounds a miniature version of the facility. The mini-stadium would house an Astrodome Hall of Fame and host events.

You can read a PDF of the entire proposal here.


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