Oregon has an open football coaching job. And it’s the best in the nation.

For the first time in 40 years, Oregon will be hiring a football coach looking outside the program, and unlike those 4 decades ago, it’s the best job in the nation. Mark Helfrich was officially let go Tuesday, bringing an end to the worst kept secret in America on Saturday, when news leaked that Oregon […]

Notre Dame and Oregon Teaching: How to make a Transition Look Terrible 101

In case you haven’t heard, which means you don’t like college football much and thus this is an odd place for you to be reading right now when you could be doing something more your preference, like castigating people’s political beliefs or looking at pictures of cats, Oregon and Notre Dame weren’t good this year. […]

Five CFB Playoff Thoughts as We Hit the Homestretch

One way or another, smooth and clean or grubby and argumentative, we’re getting the one poll, rankings, whatever, that actually matters since we all started this thing in September. Next week, we’ll know the four teams selected to play for college football’s biggest prize. They can’t choose three. Or six. No matter who is deserving […]

P.J. Fleck to Purdue? It’s a 500 foot walk-off bomb of a hire

If you’re looking for a leader in the clubhouse in the “best new hire” sweepstakes, go ahead and pencil Purdue in and make sure you press hard on the lead. According to folks like well-connected and highly respected local sportswriter Bob Kravitz, the Boilers are set to name the Western Michigan coach as the head […]

PSU rips MSU, heads to Big Ten title game with chaos on its mind

The gnashing of teeth has just begun. Riding a wave of second half wave of come to Jesus moments of late, Penn State rolled up another one against Michigan State that turned a 12-10 halftime deficit into a 45-12 rout, sending them to Indianapolis for a Big Ten Championship game that could make for some […]

In spite of loss, Michigan breathes life back into The Game

Clarity is for the obtuse after a game like THE Game, 2016, which Ohio State walked away with a 30-27 overtime victory, but it can be found. If you’re a Michigan player, coach, or fan, the result was so breathtakingly close, so easily your game so many times, it seems like nothing positive can be […]

Eddie O to LSU feels like a step in nowhere direction. Stay tuned.

In a move that feels like every conversation ever between a mother and her college aged son, LSU broke the first big news of the final regular season Saturday of college football, announcing that Ed Orgeron will stay on as head coach at the program. Mom: I know you think that girl in your general […]

From Doom to Boom, Ranking CFB Playoff Scenarios the Committee May Face

We’ve got about two weeks left in this thing before we figure out who’s playing in the CFB Playoffs, and it appears this year, the committee will earn its keep (which is $0). There are still a few scenarios out there where it’s not completely oily, but they’re few and far between. So the relative […]

Heisman voting started today. Which is stupid.

Psychological studies have found that around 20 percent of people are chronic procrastinators. Let’s hope they have Heisman Trophy votes. Heisman voting started today, which is inherently stupid seeing as the most impacting games of the college football season probably have yet to be played. That means people with voting rights can access their ballots […]

Michigan shakes off 1st half slumber, beats IU going into The Game

It won’t make anyone’s highlight reel unless they’re specifically paid to over-analyze Michigan football, but it happened in the middle of the third quarter, down 10-6 against Indiana, who’s made being pesky a cottage industry under Kevin Wilson. Backup quarterback turned starter John O’Korn got pressure up the middle and squeezed through, rolling out to […]

Buff, Buff Pass: Liufau, Colorado clip WSU, move closer to Pac 12 South title

As elation and field-rushing cascaded over Folsom Field, a smiling Mike MacIntyre said it all about his mission as the Colorado head coach in an on-field interview. “We just want to make CU great again.” Well, after dispensing of Washington State behind a 24-7 second half, they’re one win (or one Southern Cal loss) away […]

2016 proving that four teams in the CFB Playoff is just right

It will be argued until the end of days, certain questions in life. Stonehenge. The Mayans. Martians. And what really is the right amount of teams for college football’s post season? Since the advent of the CFB Playoff, the latest incarnation in an attempt to either fix this vexing question or simply just squeeze more […]

Alabama has a two-game cushion on “college football”

So, that happened. “That” being a Saturday where we say teams ranked 2, 3, and 4 go down in the same evening, including two at home. Clemson was stunned on a last-second field goal by Pitt in Death Valley. Michigan got the same ending treatment in Iowa City. And Washington was mostly overwhelmed by Southern […]

Is it time for a non-conference, non-division winning playoff team?

I’ll fully admit, when the CFB Playoff concept was rolled out, the thought of allowing non-conference champs into the thing seemed abhorrent. After all, and recite it with me if you know the words, “how can you be the best team in the can’t even win your conference.” Three years into it, we may be […]