The Student Section’s Pick Six

College football broke yesterday. There is no other way to put it. Coaches were fired, a coach is about to retire, and a quarterback from Florida got suspended for taking some fancy drugs. All of that was on a Monday. A MONDAY. There is still the rest of the week for craziness to come out, […]

The Student Section’s Pick Six

Another crazy college football weekend is behind us. Games were played, players were hitting each other, and a coach got fired. Then, because magic or whatever, Maryland got tabbed as one of the best destinations in the country for college football coaches. Everything is complete normal. Link dump. * College Football Steve Sarkisian has been […]

The Student Section’s Pick Six

It is Friday. The day before the weekend starts for many humans. Some people have to work on Saturdays, though, which is kind of stinky. Those people will miss all the fun that comes with sitting on a coach from 11 in the morning until after midnight. Alas, the woes in life are aplenty. Link […]

The Student Section’s Pick Six

Tuesdays can be brutal. Monday is over, the week is still long, and dinner is usually leftovers from the weekend. It is a sad state of affairs, to be honest. So, um… Is it time for some #MACtion yet? No? Well, fine. It doesn’t matter, I guess, except it totally does. Enough rambling. Link dump time. […]

The Student Section’s Pick Six

A rather crazy college football weekend is behind us. A few games really altered the way people are projecting the rest of the season. Also, rumors have started to swirl about getting rid of a certain coach in Texas well before he really has a chance to overcome the deficiencies (lack of talent) he inherited. […]

The Student Section’s Pick Six

College football is upon us. Well, it actually entered our television sets on Thursday night, and there are a few moments between the bevy of games that will appear on Saturday, but semantics are for losers. There is a lot going on in the world of college football. Thankfully, less of it has to deal […]

Are The Oregon Ducks Done As An Elite Program?

This probably feels like a talk-radio topic, yet it does seem worth discussing. While no one can say anything just yet in a factual sense, waiting to use hindsight on the matter of “football programs in decline” is something Americans very much enjoy. Will they be able to use that hindsight in the coming weeks? We’ll […]

The Student Section’s Pick Six

In what other walks of life do we tell other people what they should or shouldn’t do as far as their livelihood is concerned? The answer, outside politics and sports, happen to be no other people. Yet, because opinions, everyone — and their respective mothers — wants to chime in on everything Leonard Fournette. So, […]

The Student Section’s Pick Six

Good morning, humans. We are at that weird part of the week when people are no longer coming down from the weekend high, yet no one is that excited about the weekend because it still feels so damn far away. Also, it kind of hurts the soul that there isn’t any college football games on […]

The Student Section’s Pick Six

The Student Section isn’t much for dumping news on readers’ craniums. Instead, our managerial team decided long ago that our readership would be best served by giving you new, original, and — hopefully — insightful columns each and every day. With that being said, we have decided to at least help make TSS your main […]

Utah a Victim of Arbitrary Polls

Polls are fun for the people doing and consuming them. However, for the people whose lives are directly altered by them, well, not so much. With the latter being at the mercy of the former for reasons mostly still unknown, the Utah Utes find themselves in Still Disrespected Land, USA — population 10 or 12… […]

C.J. Prosise Is Emerging As A Heisman Candidate

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish have gotten off to a 4-0 start in a rather peculiar way. Instead of relying upon their starting quarterback, starting running back, and other projected starters elsewhere, the Irish have had to relegate themselves to the arm of the previously unproven DeShone Kizer, and safety-turned-slot-receiver-turned-running back C.J. Prosise. Forget for […]

Is The Big Ten Elite?

What exactly is elite? Thanks to the Twitter dot com community, the term elite has changed from being a definitive statement regarding the best of the best (like Eric Roberts) in a certain area to a funny way of asking a type of question which needs no reply. Nevertheless, pondering if things or people are […]

Jim McElwain, the emptiness of anger, and double standards toward athletes

I am definitely late to the party on this, but that is only because I have been doing a lot of thinking. More specifically, some soul-searching, watching sunrises and sunsets, and things of that nature. Why am I thinking deeply? It’s all because Jim McElwain’s tirade, directed at Kelvin Taylor on Saturday, has brought us […]