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The Steve Spurrier backlash is real. Some are calling his early-season retirement selfish. Originally, to be honest, I was like “Oh hell no” and stuff like that. However, after giving it some thought and listening to others discuss why they felt that way, I suppose I get it. Alas, we “like” Spurrier so he gets a pass. Link dump!


College Football

There probably is not a better college football writer in the country than Spencer Hall. Here is Hall’s column on Spurrier hanging it up, but not retiring. Some excellent anecdotes are in it, many good points are made, and there is a reference to banquet beer (one can only hope Spencer meant Coors Banquet!).

More Spurrier, because goodbyes are hard. This is by our own Matt Zemek. This column isn’t nearly as harsh on The Old Ball coach as the previous, but it is still well worth your time. Zemek says that Spurrier isn’t solely a SEC hero, but an American hero as well — and I like it.

Now that Florida has to move onto to their quarterback who was supposed to originally start backup quarterback, many assume the Gators will simply fall off the college football planet. Bart Doan, however, thinks Florida should be okay for the most part.

Kyle Kensing says that the next round of coaching hires promises insanity. Considering the folks who left their jobs, coupled with the programs that will have an opening, it is easy to see why he feels that way. I have already seen a dude on my picture-box discussing Brian Kelly leaving Notre Dame for USC because “he’s been there long” and stuff. Good analysis, picture-box talking guy.

Aaron Torres, a personal favorite of mine, has a wonderful column discussing “The Bush Push“, which we are already 10 years removed from. This is a long, but excellent read. I can’t suggest it enough. If the opening few lines don’t capture the hilarity of it all, then I don’t know what would.

Grantland on memes in college football. Two thins worth noting here: 1- This is good, fun, and pretty informative. 2- Grantland is still publishing content despite social media telling me it died.

Extra Point

Remember I was telling you about some debate yesterday? No? Me either. Luckily, CNN has captured the, ugh… “6 biggest takeaways” from the debate. One would normally assume that a presidential debate would have more than six big moments, but what the hell do I know? Guess I am going to have to vote for president in rankings and slideshow format!

College Basketball

Another conference preview by College Basketball Talk. This one is an SEC preview. Again, per rules of our basketball lord, Kentucky is the favorite to win the league. No matter, as there is a lot more fun and interesting things going on in the SEC this season.

Skal Labissiere has had an incredible journey to enter the realm of college hoops. Sports Illustrated’s Luke Winn tells the story of the Kentucky freshman’s amazing road to get here. This is probably your college basketball read of the day. I am sure there are other greats, but I can only read so much. Stop pressuring me!

NCAA(dot)com has an article out which mostly tells the readers to spend money for and on their product. What a complete and utter shocker! I kid. Only two of the reasons cost you a lot of money. Good thing I am not a student-athlete, because I wouldn’t be able to afford these recommendations.

“Well for starters” and one thing is said? SEO still rules everything around me… because there is no other reason Kentucky needs to be in the headline. Not to mention, you know, the entire post is based off another outlet’s work. I know. It is regular practice, but bluh.

Dallas News has lots of quotes from new Texas coach, Shaka Smart. Some are good. Others are coach-speak. Nevertheless, let’s read them together.

And One

A dude donated his DNA to his church and years later it got a family member arrested. Sounds legit, right? Not at all like big brother going out of its way to scoop up our insides for the opportunity to prosecute us? This story is simply incredible.

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