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A college football Tuesday? Well, I suppose it technically is. As we all are still collectively catching our breaths from a poor punter dropping a football in the state of Michigan, the season waits for no one. After all, there is a Sun Belt game on tonight! Link dump.


College Football

Speaking of things happening in the state of Michigan, our own Bart Doan takes a look at the Michigan State Spartans and their will to win. I’m not too sure their win against the Wolverines had as much to do with will as it did with having a little random luck fall their way. At the same time, though, they were put in the position to obtain such luck through their own doing — so there’s that.

The AAC has been a better than average league since it was founded. Not only in football, but in the shooty hoops as well. However, Matt Zemek says that the American’s bowl lineup will unlikely to the conference any favors.

Speaking of bowls, predictions, and other things, Bryan Fischer does such things for us at Bleacher Report. According to the post, Stanford is one of the four teams playing in the playoff if the season were to end today. Wow, how the season actually being played can change how we view things.

Business Insider has a post on undefeated teams in the realm of college football. In it are odds for the teams staying undefeated by the end of the season. Spoiler: Temple does not have a great chance to finish undefeated.

Pete Carroll to USC rumors popped up because America. Pete Carroll then denied such rumors because America. You are going to click the link to said rumor-laced story because America?

ESPN looks at some of the more memorable uniforms in college football this season. People who buy college football uniforms always intrigued me because you are buying — in theory — a random number of that school’s uniform. Hooray, amateurism.

Extra Point

Jeb Bush could have picked anything to argue over that would result in his dominating of Donald Trump. Well, almost anything. Being that George is his brother, I guess it makes sense that this is the hill he plans to die on.

College Basketball

A coach weighing in on the one-and-done rule? Of course he is. That is how I know that college hoops is looming. Everyone is entitled to opinions on these matters, but let’s stop pretending anything we say regarding the one-and-done rule isn’t selfish.

A Missouri Valley Conference preview. Did you know that Fred Van Fleet is really good? He also feels like one of those guys who is heading into his eleventy-billionth year of eligibility.

Seth Davis has a nice general season preview. He talks about coaches on the hot-seat, Ben Simmons, and other newsworthy tidbits. It is worth your time as we prep for the start of the season.

NCAA(dot)come has a look at nine coaches debuting at new schools this season. A lot has been made about Shaka Smart being the man at Texas, but other programs’ fate rest in the hands of a new coach as well. These nine coaches will be stories throughout the entire season.

Sports Illustrated with a Big East Conference preview. As per rules of Big East previews, St. John’s is not expected to do well. As a noted Johnnies homer, this makes me sad in my insides. Any season which has DePaul not projected to finish as the league cellar-dweller will always be amazing to me.

And One

Lamar Odom has, reportedly, been discharged from the hospital. This is good news for those who root for other humans to be alive. Hopefully Odom has learned something from this craziness or at the very least will consider a lifestyle change. Like most of the sane members of our species, I am rooting for Odom to be okay.

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