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Tuesdays can be brutal. Monday is over, the week is still long, and dinner is usually leftovers from the weekend. It is a sad state of affairs, to be honest. So, um… Is it time for some #MACtion yet? No? Well, fine. It doesn’t matter, I guess, except it totally does. Enough rambling. Link dump time.


College Football

This is actually two days old, but everyone loves themselves some Heisman talk. Kyle Kensing, of College Football Huddle fame, wrote about the candidates in great detail. It is worth your time to see who he thinks he sliding, climbing, and shifting about in the race to win the sport’s most prestigious award.

The College Football Playoff might seem a bit too far down the road to discuss, but ramifications are already being had, as teams’ prospects for a spot in the four-team playoff begin to take shape. Our own Bart Doan takes a look at five teams which have already hurt their chances in a dramatic fashion.

Staying within The Student Section; Matt Zemek talks about coaches airing on the side of caution. Well, only partially doing so. While using Mike Gundy and Brian Kelly as talking points, Matt does what he does best — puts things in perspective.

Are the Florida Gators good? No, seriously. CFT’s Kevin McGuire says they are the beasts of the SEC East. Given what is going on throughout the league, coupled with the fact the Gators have won actual games, it is hard to argue against him.

I won’t endorse gambling, but ignoring that people do it is rather silly. The lines for week six of college football are out, and Georgia is only giving three points at Tennessee. That game is my stone cold fermented pickled builders association lock of the week — which is a totally fictional thing.

AOL — yes, I wasn’t aware either — has a column discussing who is in and who is out of the College Football Playoff. Luckily, it doesn’t hurl teams out of contention simply because they lost a game. It is a long season, and it is unlikely that four teams will be undefeated by the time January rolls around.

Extra Point

Some of our readers are probably not old enough to remember a time when Russia was our biggest, most evil, and scariest rival. However, the United States and Russia are on shaky terms at the moment. Military Times has a mock-war (yup) column out, discussing what a war between two of the world’s strongest countries would look like.

College Basketball

Bleacher Report has an early season guide to college basketball out. It is done alphabetically, and in slideshow format, because America.

Angel Melendez has a wonderful profile of former Southern Miss guard Jarekus Singleton published for New Times. Singleton apparently used music to help straighten out his life. This is a good read, and well worth your time.

Who are the 15 least appreciated players in college basketball? Jon Rothstein is glad you asked, as he has all of them written down for you. Bryce Alford, of course, makes the list. For what it is worth, Trey Freeman also makes the list and he’s a bad, bad man (in a good way). Keep an eye out for the Old Dominion bucket-maker.

I love previews of lower-level conferences. I follow college basketball with great passion throughout the year, but it is hard to keep track of every single team throughout the entire nation. Luckily, Raphielle Johnson previews the Big Sky in incredible detail for us. Now we can pretend we know what is going on at the bar with our friends.

Hooray, very early recruiting class rankings! Hooray it all! Notice teams “six” and “10” and tell me if you think it’ll look similar come a few months from now. Now, to be fair, I do believe those rankings are based solely off players committed (as in, number of them), but still.

And One

Apparently the NHL has a cocaine problem. Unfortunately for them, the problem isn’t the players running out of the substance. This story — because it is the NHL and not the NFL — might only get limited play by the big networks, but fully expect more news, craziness, and ‘what in the actual…’ types of information to come out over the next few weeks.

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