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Another crazy college football weekend is behind us. Games were played, players were hitting each other, and a coach got fired. Then, because magic or whatever, Maryland got tabbed as one of the best destinations in the country for college football coaches. Everything is complete normal. Link dump.


College Football

Steve Sarkisian has been told to get away from the USC program for a bit. This has to do with his alcohol problems. Many a think-piece will be done on this, but it will be interesting to see who is consistent with their opinions on rehab while comparing this to Josh Gordon, Johnny Football, Josh Hamilton, etc.

Kyle Kensign’s weekly look at the Heisman is live. More movement is had. No matter, as the world is simply waiting for Leonard Fournette to win the stiff-arming trophy. That said, and with Nick Chubb out, it seriously feels like Fournette’s award to lose — which is to say that he is a mortal lock to win it.

Nick Chubb got hurt over the weekend. This is sad. However, his injury started the topic of free-labor, “free education” (mind you, which isn’t free because players are providing a service for the education), and the batshit insanity that is amateurism. Expect more people taking sides, while using Chubb, to discuss something that seems more outdated than The Sopranos.

Terry Johnson says that Mark Richt is (still) the right man for the Georgia job. I have no idea what expectations are for that program, but if the university ever decided to get rid of Richt, the question would need to be asked — who can they get that is better?

Did you know that Maryland was a destination job? Me either. That has less to do with Maryland than it does with all the gnarly head coaches currently in their league.

Matt Zemek takes a look at Randy Edsall as well. Although, what he does is use Edsall’s “biggest achievement” to talk about some larger issues in college football. Probably my favorite read of the day (at least so far).

Extra Point

Kanye West auditioned for American Idol or something. I am told that the cool kids like reading about Kanye and Kim… here.

College Basketball

Oh, fantastic. Another academic scandal seems to be in the works. Let us see if this one gains traction or not before we start to behead all that is holy at UCLA.

An AAC preview from the guys at CBT. They ask the question on everyone’s mind; can SMU win the league even though they are banned from postseason fun?

The Detroit Free Press has a positive column on Michigan State guard Denzel Valentine. According to the article, Valentine is going to be a leader and much improved. Tom Izzo will need him to step-up his game obviously, and he seems optimistic about it, but this “feels” like a want more than an actual thing. I could be wrong, as the hell if I know how much better he got during the offseason.

The Daily Campus says SMU made the “right move” by not appealing their postseason ban. All of the “right moves” mentioned are not altruistic, though. They are for the benefit of the long-term of the program. So… yeah.

Duke Report wants to know who your favorite Blue Devil was (is) during the Coach K era. They are doing it in bracket form, which is always a blast. Also, we get to vote. I sure hope Sean Dockery doesn’t get snubbed.

And One

Shoes are a large part of the basketball community. Nike hasn’t always dominated the landscape. Hayden Bird takes a look at the sneaker-wars before there really was even a war, and when Converse ruled a land which they now barely reside in. Personal note: I still own a pair of converse and think they are hip. I’m also a 32 year-old white guy who got confused by the music playing on a pop-station yesterday — I am not hip.

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