The 15 Most Significant Sugar Bowls

Before the 1978 Sugar Bowl, Bear Bryant had Woody Hayes try on his houndstooth hat (above). Nick Saban doesn’t wear houndstooth hats, and Urban Meyer doesn’t wear a white button-down shirt with a red tie and black pants. Yet, when Ohio State and Alabama meet on New Year’s Night in New Orleans, they’ll recall the […]

Bowl games aren’t always what you think they are

Follow TSS on Twitter @TheStudentSect Author @TheCoachBart It was around this time last year when we all knew what was coming down the pike with certain teams. Oklahoma had just wasted Alabama in the Sugar Bowl, and basically, three things became totally obvious and fool proof … 1. Oklahoma was going to ride this momentum […]

Jim Harbaugh By the Numbers

Now that Jim Harbaugh is officially the head coach at Michigan, everyone’s speculating about the future of Wolverine football. Some think UM will supplant Ohio State, Michigan State, and Wisconsin as the flag bearer for the conference, while others remain skeptical. To be honest: there are plenty of arguments on both sides. Here’s what the […]

Is Harbaugh to Michigan Really a Guaranteed Success?

The term alma mater means nourishing mother in Latin, and while it has a variety of uses, it usually refers to the place where one went to school-particularly college. In that sense, the school was the nourishing mother, or the place where you were able to get the sustaining materials necessary to grow. And while […]

Harbaugh, Michigan, And Going Home … Again

Follow TSS on Twitter @TheStudentSect Author on Twitter @TheCoachBart Thomas Wolfe was wrong. You can, actually, go home again. Wolfe’s novel in 1940, published posthumously, was titled You Can’t Go Home Again, which makes sense considering the content, but wasn’t written with any futuristic inkling of Michigan football and Jim Harbaugh. It what has been […]

Orange Bowl: A Tale Of Southern Discomfort In South Florida

The (December) 2014 Orange Bowl is notable because it marks Brent Musburger’s first-ever television call of the game. The Orange is the final major New Year’s bowl which can be added to the venerable broadcaster’s sprawling resume. That’s significant… and yet it pales in comparison to what the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets and Mississippi State […]

Peach Bowl: TCU’s Familiar Fight For Respect

This has been a magnificent, resplendent, roaring rebound of a season for the Texas Christian Horned Frogs. Stuck in the muck at 4-8 in 2013, the Frogs faced plenty of questions — all of them legitimate — about their very ability to survive, let alone thrive, in the Big 12. Yes, TCU had endured a […]

Kentucky-Louisville, UL Edition: Where It Went Wrong For The Cards

For the seventh time in the last eight meetings, Louisville took a loss to Kentucky, this time in a 58-50 final. The Cardinals gave a great defensive effort, but once again the Louisville offense was shaky. Just as in their victory over Ohio State in the Big 10-ACC challenge, the Cardinals went through stretches where […]