Week 10 Big 12 Power Rankings

This was another tough week for the conference, as Playoff hopes are sliding out of the “unlikely” range into the nearly-impossible range. TCU finally had the breakout game that the program has been missing all season, but one good week doesn’t overcome a season of woes. Still, TCU finally comes out of danger of being […]

Week 9 Big 12 Power Rankings

This was not a good week for the Big 12. The conference’s Playoff hopes this season have been all but dashed, though Oklahoma is still unscathed in conference play. At this point, the conference may very well be hoping that the selection committee rewards Oklahoma’s aggressive non-conference scheduling and gives the Sooners the benefit of […]

TSS Power 16 Poll after week 8

Now that week 8 is in the books, the college football season is literally halfway over. Last weekend provided a few shockers, as well as a couple of eye-opening experiences. How would these events impact this week’s poll? Be sure to read below for the latest installment of the TSS Power 16 Poll. Rank Team […]

Week 8 Big 12 Power Rankings

What a week in the Big 12. I think that Oklahoma/Texas Tech game had enough offense for the entire country, let alone the conference. Oklahoma’s poor defensive performance, along with another strong one from West Virginia, means there’s some shake-up at the top of the rankings. The bottom, of course, stayed the same. It always […]

TSS Power 16 Poll After Week 7

Week 7 was a very exciting one for college football, producing a number of nail-biters as well as a few upsets. Would these results have any impact on our TSS Power 16 Poll? Be sure to check out the latest installment below: Rank Team Points 1 Alabama (4) 79 2 Ohio State 73 3 Washington […]

The Five Most Overrated Teams in the AP Top 25

The Top 25 is always a great source for discussion. Teams in the Top 25 can be overrated or underrated based on many things. Sometimes, voters base too much on what happened during the last week or on the teams record without really digging into their schedule. Here’s a look at the five teams that […]

Week 7 Big 12 Power Rankings

For the past six weeks, I have written a “what we learned” bit about the Big 12. After six weeks of learning things, I’m pretty sure we know a good amount about the conference. Now it’s time for us to rank the teams. As a real “power ranking,” my goal will be to focus much […]

Big 12 Football: 5 Things We Learned in Week 6

The Big 12 once again spent most of Saturday out of the national spotlight, though this time it wasn’t in a bad way for the conference. Last week, I pointed out how not having Texas or Oklahoma play made the Big 12 not relevant on the national stage. This week, while the Longhorns and Sooners […]

Big 12 Football: 5 Things We Learned in Week 5

The Big 12 saw a week of exciting comebacks, big blowouts, and everything in between. The final Big 12 schools finished non-conference play last week, so from here on out, it’s all Big 12 games all season long. The conference is still behind the 8-ball for a Playoff spot, but there is plenty of exciting […]

Big 12 Football: 5 Things We Learned in Week 2

There are two weeks in the books and a whole lot to boil down, especially in the Big 12. Let’s just start by saying that, very early on, the conference is on the outside looking in as far as the Playoff is concerned. Then again, that was also true of the Big Ten in 2014, […]

TSS Top 50 Countdown: Every Preview From No. 50 to No. 1

The TSS Top 50 Countdown kicked off on June 27, and concluded yesterday with our No. 1 team. Since that’s an awfully long period of time, it’s quite possible that people would have missed a preview or two. With that in mind, here’s the comprehensive list of previews from No. 50 to No. 1. Top […]

Big 12 Non-Conference Schedule Grades

Grading teams on their non-conference schedules is always a tough task. There are generally two ways to do it. You can either give objective criteria as to what constitutes a good grade, or you can subjectively relate the value of each nonconference game to the team that scheduled it. I don’t like the first choice, […]

QB Jarrett Stidham will transfer from Baylor

Over the last 24 hours there was a lot of noise about Baylor QB Jarrett Stidham transferring. Stidham has now made it official….. As a freshman, Stidham threw 12 TD against 2 INT and completed 68% of his passes. Senior Seth Russell will be the game one starter for the Bears but there is no […]

Baylor-Briles leak confusing and damaging to recovery

If you want to get technical about it, Art Briles has not been fired. Such is the world of red tape, even at green and gold Baylor. Briles was officially “suspended with intent to terminate,” which is the college football version of your girlfriend saying, “I think we need some time away.” It’s a ham […]