Five B1G Things To Watch — Week Two

Each week Phil Harrison looks across the great heartland to scour the storylines you want to know the most in the Big Ten before they happen. Here is a look at five things to watch as we head into week two: 5. Can Ohio State keep rockin’ and show that last week wasn’t a fluke? […]

TSS Roundtable: The Biggest Surprise in the Big Ten Will Be…

We’ve talked about players to watch and non-conference scheduling grades, now it’s time to take a look at surprise teams. Q. Which team will be the biggest surprise in the Big Ten this year? Bart Doan On Twitter

Big Ten West Non-Conference Schedule Grades

So far, I’ve graded the schedules of the Big 12 and the Pac 12 (North and South). We’re up to the Big Ten, the final Power 5 conference that, starting this year, only plays three non-conference games due to a nine-game season schedule. The West is definitely expected to be the weaker of the Big […]

Kendrick Nunn situation further confirms NCAA’s blind eyes

If a 10-year-old girl teases her 5-year-old brother, he might counter with physical contact, resulting in a soft, harmless slap. Following a stern rebuke from his mother or father, little Timmy starts to cry. The goal of his parents then shifts towards putting a smile back on their son’s face, as if the incident never […]

TSS Roundtable: The Best Offseason Coaching Hires

Even though the start of college football season is more than five months away, it’s never too early to start discussing the 2016-17 campaign. Throughout the offseason, senior writer Kevin Causey will join associate editors Bart Doan and Terry Johnson to discuss or debate what’s going to happen on the gridiron this fall. They’ll kick […]

For Illinois and Minnesota, why not a longer coaching search?

Minnesota and Illinois are good football jobs, if you want to win. Let me explain. The Big Ten West is overrun by mediocrity right now. If every conference is a lawn, the Big Ten West is that patch you have in the backyard that’s been taken over by crabgrass, but at least it’s not chickweed. […]

Uniforms of the Week: Military tributes continue for another week

Last week we took some time to roll through a number of the military appreciation uniforms around college football with Veterans Day around the corner. This week that theme continues for some schools that missed out on an opportunity to honor veterans at home. Two in particular caught my eye for very different reasons. When UCLA […]

Watch: Malik Turner’s Great Grab For Illinois

Some plays require an introduction. Others speak for themselves. This one is clearly the latter. I’ll let Illinois receiver Malik Turner’s actions do all of the talking: Malik Turner’s great grab — Terry P. Johnson (@SectionTPJ)

Roundtable: First-year coaches off to a great start

The college football season is five weeks old. At this point, we know a lot about some teams and very little about others. Almost halfway through the season, it’s a great time to look back at some of the first-year head coaches. Which of them have forged the best start in the country? TSS associate […]

Thoughts, Observations, and Things to Watch For in Week 6

It’s Friday, which means that it’s time for me to give you my thoughts, observations, and things to pay attention to for week six. Here’s what’s on my mind heading into this week’s action on the gridiron: This week’s schedule might be a candidate for Clunker of the Week. Sure, there are two games between […]

Takeaways from Week 1

Even though there are still a few games remaining on the week-one docket, we’ve seen enough action to review what happened on the gridiron this weekend. Here are some takeaways: New defensive coordinator John Chavis will have Texas A&M in contention for the SEC West title this fall. In his first game with the Aggies, […]

Bubble Watch: A Huge Weekend Arrives for the Big Ten

Because it seems that about half of the Big Ten Conference has found itself located firmly on the bubble, this weekend’s schedule provides some very tantalizing games. Bubble games might not feature the best teams, but they bring the most drama to the conclusion of the regular season, leading into the conference tournaments. The Big […]

Watch: Aubrey Dawkins Gets Ill against Illinois

Michigan’s Aubrey Dawkins did that nasty thing against Illinois tonight. While there aren’t a lot points being scored, those two standout. Here is the dunk in vine form if you want to watch it over and over again: 1H MICH A. Dawkins made Dunk. Assisted by A. Dakich.