Summer Reading: The Right Reforms For The NCAA



It’s the weekend, a weekend without FBS college football — there are only three more of those left in 2014. I’m sure you have been keeping track. Therefore, it’s a great time to get some longform reading done, and The Student Section will point you to the best stuff on the web.

One piece you’ll want to read this weekend is an extensive unpacking of the tension points at work in attempts to reform college sports. Writing at Deadspin, antitrust economist Andy Schwarz outlines the issues in a way that will make you much more informed about the O’Bannon trial and other NCAA battlegrounds.

One money quote (pun intended): “Corruption is what you get from violating the law, not from earning what you’re worth in the marketplace.”

Here’s the link to Schwarz’s full piece, How Not To Reform The NCAA.

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