Andrew Luck Power Rankings, Week 9: And Then There Was One

And then there was one!

It what seemed like a competition that would go down to the wire now appears almost over. The Miami Dolphins destroyed the Kansas City Chiefs to get their first win of the season now leaving the Colts as the only team without a win.

Things are really starting to look good (in these rankings) for the Colts, who might have a Peyton Manning-Andrew Luck QB duo in 2012-2013! The Colts have to be pretty happy with where they stand right now. If the Colts can get out of week 10 vs the Jaguars without a W then they can just about pop the champagne.  The Packers are the best team in the NFL and top all NFL power rankings and the Colts are clearly the league’s worst team and on top of all Andrew Luck power rankings!

On a side note, Luck led his team to another victory, keeping Stanford eligible for the BCS National Championship game.

This week we closer look into where teams land on the Andrew Luck power rankings as there was a major shift:

1) Indianapolis Colts (0-9)

What this team does well:

  • Keep on losing and losing big
  • Losing at home
  • Resemble a High School football team
  • Their QB is the actor who played sunshine in Remember the Titans
  • Having defenders who lack the ability to tackle Julio Jones
  • Rookie Delone Carter’s newly formed fumbling issues
  • Dallas Clark potentially out for the season

What this team hasn’t does well:

  • Phil Simms saying that Peyton Manning wont let the Colts draft Luck
  • The fact that Manning might come back at any point
  • They play the Jags at home next week which is the most winnable game on their schedule

This song kind of sums up how the Colts feel about getting Andrew Luck:

2) Miami Dolphins (1-7)

What this team does well:

  • Still only have 1 win on under their belt
  • Still haven’t fired Tony Sparano
  • Benching their best cover corner Vontae Davis
  • Having mid week fights between players

What this team hasn’t does well:

  • Playing a complete football game for 60 minutes
  • Playing the Redskins at home next week in another winnable game
  • Reggie Bush beginning to look like a dominating running back
  • Brandon Marshall actually backing up his words with his play on the field
  • Finding their defense

3 St Louis Rams (1-7)

What this team does well:

What this team hasn’t done well:

  • Bringing back Sam Bradford
  • Playing a competitive game against another Suck For Luck candidate

4) Arizona Cardinals (2-6)

What this team does well:

  • Starting John Skeleton
  • Kevin Kolb’s injury
  • Beanie Wells being very inconsistent

What this team doesn’t do well:

  • Beating a team who is a Suck For Luck candidate
  • Allowing Patrick Peterson to return punts
  • Coming from behind in a game that they were about to lose

On the bubble: Seattle (2-7), Washington (3-5)