Andrew Luck Power Rankings: Week 9

Given that it was Halloween last night, I dressed up as my hero. No I wasn’t Obama, no I wasn’t Bono, no I wasn’t Tim Tebow. While all are world renowned heroes I decided to be my personal hero Andrew Luck!

If you had the pleasure of tuning into Stanford vs. USC Saturday night he might be your hero too. Once again on a national stage against a more competitive opponent Andrew Luck shone in an offensive showdown against other future draft prospect Matt Barkley.

Andrew Luck started the game on fire going 5/5 for 75 yards and a touchdown on the opening drive. After falling behind, Luck was able to rally the troops and lead his team of smart-school teammates to the W. Though his name might suggest it Andrew Luck is never lucky, he is just that damn good!

This week we closer look into where teams land on the Andrew Luck power rankings:

1) Indianapolis Colts (0-8)

What this team does well:

  • Keeps on losing.
  • Resembles a High School football team.
  • Their QB is the actor who played “Sunshine” in Remember the Titans.
  • Owner Jim Irsay said of coach Caldwell “Jim’s done a really good job.” Irsay saying that Caldwell has done a really good job is clearly in reference to the team getting Luck.

What this team isn’t doing well:

  • Phil Simms saying that Peyton Manning won’t let the Colts draft Luck.
  • The fact that Manning might come back at any point.
  • Painter’s love obsession with Pierre Garcon makes it possible to steal a win. 

2) Miami Dolphins (0-7)

What this team does well:

  • Keeps on losing.
  • Collapses every 4th quarter.
  • Not firing Tony Sparano.
  • Brandon Marshall guaranteeing a victory (perfect recipe for a loss).
  • Getting injured ( No Daniel Thomas or Vontea Davis this past week).

What this team isn’t doing well:

  • Had the lead going into the 4th Quarter 3 times this season.
  • Having a work ethic and wanting to win games.
  • Their current strength of schedule.
  • Reggie Bush running for over 100 yards (didn’t even know that was possible).

3) St Louis Rams (1-6)

Bradford down

What this team is doing well:

  • Having Sam Bradford off the field.
  • Taking advantage of difficult early schedule to lose a lot of games.
  • Forgetting how to play defense.

What this team isn’t doing well:

  • Suddenly remembering how to play defense!
  • Winning against the Saints (WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU DO THAT).
  • Getting Sam Bradford back shortly.
  • Trading for Brandon Lloyd.
  • Having a very easy schedule down the stretch.

4) Arizona Cardinals (1-6)

What this team is doing well:

  • Blowing a big lead to the Ravens.
  • Letting Kevin Kolb get injured.
  • Having only 1 win in an easy division.

What this team isn’t doing well:

  • Having Larry Fitzgerald on the team.
  • Being competitive in SOME games.
  • Spending every penny you have on Kevin Kolb.
  • Having a soft schedule down the stretch.

Teams on the bubble: Denver (2-6), Seattle (2-6)