Chicago Benches Caleb Hanie For Josh McCown

According to, the Chicago Bears will be heading in a different direction this weekend to try to save their once promising season.

The Bears will be starting Josh McCown in place of embattled backup Caleb Hanie. The decision was made on Wednesday, and it comes at the most dire of times.

The Bears will be playing the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field on Sunday Night Football. McCown, has not started a game since 2007, and there’s no better way to immediately throw him into the fire than letting him start against Green Bay.

McCown has thrown 35 touchdowns and 41 interceptions in his career with a cumulative passer rating of 70.9. He has completed 57.6% of his passes in the NFL.

The Bears are technically still alive in the playoff race at 7-7, but with both of the wild card slots taken by 9-5 teams (Falcons, Lions), the Bears are effectively playing for evaluation purposes and for dignity.

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