NFL One-liners: Week 2 Reactions from around the Bloguin network

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Enjoying the good life

Foxboro Blog: Game Recap: You better run, better run…

“Brady is becoming Manning-esque in his absolute control of the game.  He seems to know exactly what’s coming from the defense, has great protection up front, and the offensive weapons to dissect whatever coverage is thrown at him.  What Brady has done over the past few weeks is akin to artwork, and we can only expect more greatness as the season rolls on.”

The Saints Nation: Defensive and special teams player grades vs the Bears

“By the end of the game I was almost feeling sorry for the Bears. Almost. The truth is the Saints owed the Bears a serious beatdown and it needed to happen. The 3 times they’ve faced off in Sean Payton’s tenure it’s been in December or later in Chicago. Well, welcome to the idea of playing the Saints indoors on turf, Lovie Smith and crew. Not as easy to put up with, is it?”

Buffalo Wins: Game Review, Week 2: Raiders 35 – Bills 38

“The defense definitely showed that they have some issues to work out this week, but I was once again impressed by Nick Barnett. As big as Freddy’s TD was to give us hope, Barnett’s strip of McFadden was the turning point as far as I was concerned. Nick just seems to be all over the field and also around the ball when he needs to be to make a play. That free agent pickup is looking one of Buddy Nix’s best moves as GM.”

UltimateNYG: Giants 26 – Rams 16

“Although it was controversial, Giants safety Deon Grant faked an injury to slow down the no-huddle.  It was actually humorous.  Two NY Giants players feigned injury at the same moment, only to have the other get back up when the work was done.  According to the press tweets, a spry Grant “jogged” off the field during the tv timeout.  The Giants caught their breath, literally and figuratively.”

Three Way Chili: When a Loss is a Win

“Green is a monster in the making at 6-foot-4, 207 pounds. He exploded for 10 receptions for 124 yards and a touchdown against the Broncos. Also, unlike every top receiver the Bengals have had going back to Carl Pickens, Green is not a headcase. That’s refreshing.”

Hot-headed Reactions

Rams Herd: The Hangover – Monday Night Football edition

“Cut out the ‘Rams embarrassed themselves’ talk. They didn’t. They made mistakes in a big game and those mistakes cost them the win. It was frustrating, infuriating, but you shouldn’t be embarrassed to wear your Rams gear this morning. The Giants’ soccer-style flops to stop the clock? Eli Manning’s complete inability to handle the rush? The New York crowd checking out, doing the Times crossword puzzle, while its team was holding onto an early 7-6 lead? That was embarrassing, in every way but the win column.”

Midway Illustrated: Mike Martz responsible for Bears’ loss

“With the Bears down a completely manageable 10 points up until the fourth quarter, offensive coordinator Mike Martz completely abandoned the running game.  Martz went from a balanced attack and instead chose to punish Jay Cutler. The Bears have lost their last 16 games when they rush fewer than 15 times in a game.”

Justice is Coming: Even a dog learns its lesson after you shove its face in its own sh*t enough times

From a commenter: “I was trying to post on JIC but I couldn’t figure it out, maybe it’s because I’m half drunk and pissed. I know in the big picture that this game really won’t mean that much come January, but can’t we win at least one of these big games that everyone in the damn nation is watching?” 

Mixed Feelings

Rex Sanchez: 32-3 Jets, so what?

“After getting torn to pieces for three quarters by the Cowboys last week, Rex Ryan challenged his overrated unit to step up and deliver a knockout performance Sunday. They delivered, but it looked more like a Mayweather-Ortiz knockout—awkward, cheeky and a bit depressing—than a Clay-Liston KO.”

Thoughts from the Dark Side: The Raiders are building a nightmare

 “Perhaps you turned your television off amidst your cursing on Sunday. Perhaps you left the stadium feeling like the Raiders got robbed or even worse, quit. No matter how you felt, when you reflect on it you should understand that you saw something special developing…at least early in the game.”

Blitzburgh Blog: Are the Steelers who we thought they were?

“I’m not worried about Tavaris Jackson and Mike Williams tormenting the Steelers, but the Steelers did nothing yesterday to prove that Joe Flacco or Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers or any half decent passing offense can’t have their way with Pittsburgh in the passing game.”

Buc Stop: It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out…

“The Bucs are a very exciting team.  This team thrives on fourth quarter comebacks.  I firmly believe that Raheem Morris and Josh Freeman get off on giving all Bucs fans heart attacks.  However, the Bucs cannot sustain this to have continued NFL success.  It is great to know that very few leads are out of reach for this team, but why not put inferior opponents away early?”

Cool-headed analysis

Ravens Football Machine: Titans bring Ravens back to earth with 26-13 drubbing

“I don’t think the Ravens were ready for Hasselbeck’s ability to read defenses and adjust on the fly. He sliced and diced the Ravens’ secondary despite the presence of a half-decent pass rush and fairly decent secondary coverage with his 1-step-drop technique. It was a beautiful offensive game plan for the Titans.”

Total Titans: How the Tennessee Titans shut down the Ravens’ passing attack

 “Back a couple years ago when the Titans defense was good, the defensive ends lined up in a wide-9 technique outside the tight ends and used the outside rush.  New defensive coordinator Jerry Gray recognized that it had worked in the past, and brought it back for the Ravens game. It worked again, in a way that the zone blitzes the Titans ran did not.”

Redskins Hog Heaven: Rex Grossman is almost as good as Jason Campbell

“Grossman recognized what he could do in the Shanahan system before Mike Shanahan did. If Mike recognized that sooner, or listened to his offensive coordinator with more confidence, Grossman would have started from the beginning of 2010…to the relief of everyone, including Donovan McNabb.”

Eagles Eye Blog: Tough Loss for Eagles, 35-31 to Atlanta…

“This loss will be remembered as one the Eagles should have won three times over, even without Vick and Young. Instead, they paid a huge price for a series of red-zone misplays in the first half that kept the game from getting out of hand late.”

18 to 88: It’s time to talk about Luck

“Take Luck first overall and let him develop behind Manning? I hate this choice. It’s intellectually lazy. Taking Luck does not make the Colts better in 2012. However, many people love to ‘develop’ quarterbacks. I think this leads to animosity and ugliness. People point at the Packers situation as an ideal, but forget that they wasted a season recovering from the Favre/Rodgers fiasco.”

Laughing to keep from crying

The Jaggernaut: The Jaguars’ Season Ruled Over

A coach that spoke in anonymity said, “We’ve decided that being 1 game out of the division is just too much to come back from.” When asked about the remaining 14 games he said, “Why bother? It’s clear that we’re a 4-12 team at best. With the money the team can save on airline expenses by not playing, we all can get new office chairs. It really is a win, win for the players and coaches.”

Purple Jesus Diaries: Game Two review – a spectacular loss

 “There is just no way, with the lockout and a coaching and player overhaul, that this team was ever going to do well, like, legitimately well. Quite frankly, some of the success they’ve been able to show in 30 minutes during each game so far should be pretty impressive. Musgrave does seem to have some intelligent ways of using his players, Purple Jesus looks like the best sporting specimen ever in the history of man, and the special teams hasn’t muffed anything up super bad. Those are all encouraging signs! But will this team ever put it together and win? Sure, like four times this season, and each time it will make you feel sick to your stomach because it will be by the slimmest of margins.”

Seahawk Addicts: Week 2 Seahawks lose – “R” rated thread

“I can’t help but think that this is all some kind of karma for one of the most colossal blunders in Seattle history, the release of Steve Hutchinson. Maybe the Football Gods deem us unworthy of an O-line ever since we let him go. 12 different left guards in 5 years someone says, sh*t man that goes beyond bad luck. Forces of higher dimensions must be at work” — commenter lazer hawk