NFL Reactor: Chargers Back On Track In Jacksonville

What I Liked:

The Chargers looked like the playoff team we remember from years past. Philip Rivers was able to sit in the pocket and find open receivers. The Chargers were also able to run the ball very effectively. Their line opened up gaping holes in the middle of the Jaguars’ defense as well as on the outside. Really, the Chargers’ offense looked about as sharp as their offense has all season long.

What I Hated:

There was nothing good about the way the Jaguars got beat. Their defense was terrible, largely as a result of lacking any cornerbacks that have much experience. Blaine Gabbert had another rough outing after getting hot for a brief period in the 2nd quarter. Many of Gabbert’s passes never had a chance of being caught by his receivers. The only bright spot of the night for the Jaguars was Maurice Jones-Drew, who is now the NFL’s leading rusher.

Where They’re Going:

The Jaguars had no playoff hopes coming into the game, so there’s no change on that front. The Jaguars will continue to evaluate Blaine Gabbert, interim head coach Mel Tucker, and many of the fringe players on the Jaguars’ roster.

The Chargers’ rather small playoff chances were preserved for at least another week. Suddenly, it appears that the Broncos may be the team to beat in the AFC West, but if the Chargers can get some help from other teams, they certainly have the talent required to make a late season playoff run. Just don’t count on it actually happening.

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