NFL Reactor: Manning Does It Again

New York Giants 24, New England Patriots 20

There were multiple great match-ups that have been overshadowed by the Ravens, Steelers game later tonight. One of those games was this thriller between Tom Brady and the Patriots against Eli Manning and the Giants.

In a back and forth contest, Eli Manning got the last laugh with a touchdown pass with less than half a minute to play. If that sounds familiar, you may be remembering the Super Bowl match-up between these two teams in which Manning completed a game winning touchdown pass to Plaxico Burress with less than a minute to play.

I think we’re all surprised that this game was as low scoring as it was. The game was scoreless at halftime, but the two teams came alive in the second half. More analysis on this game to come this week.

Green Bay Packers 45, San Diego Chargers 38

If Phillip Rivers would quit throwing touchdowns to the Chargers’ opponents, San Diego would probably be in firm control of their division. The Chargers did get help, however, as the Chiefs and the Raiders both lost today.

The Packers have to be happy with the win, but their defense wasn’t able to pin down the Chargers. Had they not taken two interceptions back for touchdowns, the Packers might not have won the game, even though they put up 31 offensive points.

Denver Broncos 38, Oakland Raiders 24

I can already hear the Tim Tebow faithful rallying their troops. Don’t get too carried away with the hype. Tebow completed just 10 of 21, but he was able to throw for two touchdown passes. He also ran for 118 yards. Go ahead Tebow groupies, celebrate now while you still can.

The Raiders blew a golden chance to take control of the division. They’ve been struggling, as is expected, since Jason Campbell went down, but the good news for them is that the rest of the division is also struggling. They’re still tied for the division lead, but if they want that to last, they have to start making plays, especially on offense. Palmer looked better today, but he’s still clearly not completely comfortable with the offense. That’s something only time can change.

Other Games:

Cincinnati Bengals 24 Tennessee Titans 17
St. Louis Rams 13 Arizona Cardinals 19

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